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I highly recommend this service!

5.0 rating
August 14, 2020

David was super insightful and educated me on all of my loan repayment options. I walked away from my first phone call feeling informed and empowered. I highly recommend this service!

Dan D'Egidio

Recommend to anyone with a grad degree and loads of student debt

5.0 rating
August 13, 2020

David was very thorough and more than helpful in helping me understand my financial profile, strategies for tackling my student loan debt, and multiple options for handling major future expenses. I am a new grad physical therapist, but I would recommend this 1-hour session to anyone finishing any kind of grad program with loads of student debt.

Hunter Lewis

Blown away

5.0 rating
August 7, 2020

Student loans can be stressful to handle by yourself, and I decided to look for assistance in managing my debt. Just had my first meeting with Edmund, and I was blown away by the help I received. I definitely look forward to working with Fitbux in the future!


Very helpful

5.0 rating
August 7, 2020

David was very helpful and able to provide great information on the phone call. Able to tailor info to my specific situation and helped relieve a lot of stress/anxiety about how to go about tackling my student loans.


So helpful!

5.0 rating
August 5, 2020

So helpful! Really took the time to break the information down for me to understand and gave valuable advice relevant to my unique situation.


FitBUX Reviews