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You have questions? Our Coaches are here to provide answers. We've spoken to over 15,000 young professionals. Therefore, we've been able to make complex topics easy to understand.  

Thus, you can make good financial decisions for yourself and not have to become a financial experts.

Plus, our Coaches are unbias.  They are paid salaries not commission.  Therefore, they are paid the same regardless of what you choose to do!

Help & Understanding

From student loans to saving, your FitBUX Coach helps by answering your questions.  Your Coach is an expert student loan planners plus they are experts in:

Make A Plan

Once you understand your options, your FitBUX Coach will help you use our one-of-a-kind technology to build a customized financial plan.  

Your Coach will use the technology to help you compare scenarios such as:

  • Student loan pay off vs income drive repayment
  • Rent vs owning a house
  • Paying off student loans or investing
  • Getting married
  • and much, much more.
Help Implementing Your Plan

Finally, technology and a real person to help you implement your plan so you can focus on the rest of your life!

You can always schedule free calls with a FitBUX Coach.

However, when you upgrade to a premium membership, you receive a designated FitBUX Coach.  That's right! Every time you call you get to speak to the same person.

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