The FitBUX Score

It's Like a GPS For Your Money!

Where Are You Starting From?

When you're about to start driving, your GPS shows you your starting point.

Your FitBUX Score does the same thing...but for your money.

The FitBUX Score helps you easily understand how everything from your budget to your student loans factor into the big picture.

The higher your starting FitBUX Score, the more options you have as well as the higher probability of retiring and not running out of money.

What Are Your Options?

Your starting FitBUX Scores shows you different options to reach a specific destination, i.e. achieve a specific goal. 

Your FitBUX Score is the best way to predict your financial future.

You will visualize how allocating money to the 3 FitBUX Smart Categories (Paying Off Debt, Saving, Managing Risk) impact what options are available to you.

Want Assistance Along The Way?

"Left turn in 1 mile...". Your GPS helps you get to your destination.

Similarly, your FItBUX Score helps you get to your financial destination.

You can see your FitBUX Score evolving over time as you get closer to your destination/financial goal.

How Your FitBUX Score Works

A New Way For Your Money

Old financial institutions only look at your financial assets. As a student or young professional, you're likely to have a fair amount of debt but little assets. Therefore, these institutions can't help you.

Your FitBUX Score incorporates your Human Capital and Behavioral Analysis. 

By incorporating your budget, financial assets, debt, human capital, and behavior, your FitBUX Score represents your complete financial picture.

Human Capital And Behavioral Analysis

Human Capital includes the education and skills you worked hard to obtain.

Behavioral Analysis looks at past behaviors to predict future behaviors. For instance, if you trained for a marathon, you may be more likely to demonstrate financial discipline.

Why It's Important

Your Human Capital and behavior influence your future income and the risk to that income. It influences how you'll repay your loan, save for retirement, plan a family, etc.

Your Human Capital and Behavior is the true you!. Incorporating them into your financial profile gives FitBUX the ability to customize your plan in a unique way.

Life Is What Happens When You Don't Have To Think About Money!

Understand. Plan. Implement.