GPS For Your Money

The FitBUX Score makes your financial life easy by taking thousands of data points and showing them to you in one unique Score.

Now its easy to see you financial situation today, visualize how recommendations can increase your Score, and track your financial plan.

The FitBUX Score

The FitBUX Score makes your financial life easy by taking thousands of data points and showing them to you in one unique Score.

FitBUX Score Makes Your Financial Life Easy

One data point for all my finances! So easy to tell if I'm doing good or not.  Its what I've dreamed of when it comes to planning my finances.

Brittany Anderson
DPT Class of 2020
Virginia Commonwealth University

Getting Your Score Is Easy

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Its GPS For Your Money!

Your Score Today

When you're about to start driving, your GPS shows you your starting point.

Your FitBUX Score does the same thing...but for your money.  Easily see:

  1. How much risk your current finances have
  2. How many options you have with your money
  3. If you make a mistake, how costly will it be
The FitBUX Score helps you easily understand your current financial situation and how to immediately improve it.
Your Score Tomorrow

With GPS, you put in your destination then are shown numerous routes.

Your FitBUX Score allows you to do the same thing. You can simulate plans that include items such as student loan repayment, marriage, and much more. 

Visualize the tradeoffs among plans & see how each:

1)  Maximizes your human capital asset
2) Reduces your financial risk
3) Increases the options you have with your money

Step-By-Step Guidance

"Left turn in 1 mile...". Your GPS helps you get to your destination.

Similarly, your FitBUX Score helps you get to your financial destination.

You can see your FitBUX Score evolving over time as you get closer to your destination/financial goal using our one-of-a-kind FitBUX Solution tracking technology.

On top of that, you'll receive recommendations can easily visualize the impact of those recommendations on your complete financial picture!
Your FitBUX Score At Retirement

Your FitBUX Score at retirement is a gauge of how well you are taking care of your future self!

At your retirement age, your Score is an estimated probability that you will not outlive the money you've saved.

The higher the FitBUX Score, the higher the probability of enjoying your retirement and not having to stress about running out of money... 

How Your FitBUX Score Works

A New Way For Your Money

Legacy financial institutions only look at your financial assets. As a student or young professional, you're likely to have a fair amount of debt but little assets. Therefore, these institutions are of little help.

FitBUX takes into account your financial assets and debt, and also incorporates your most valuable intangible: your  Human Capital. Coupled with Behavioral Analysis, this is the foundation of the FitBUX approach

By incorporating your budget, financial assets, debt, human capital, and behavior, your FitBUX Score represents your complete financial picture.

Human Capital & Behavioral Analysis

Human Capital includes the education and skills you worked hard to obtain.

Behavioral Analysis looks at past behaviors to predict future behaviors. For instance, if you trained for a marathon, you may be more likely to demonstrate financial discipline.

Why It's Important

First, the FitBUX Score uses artificial intelligence and data science to make your life easy.  The Score up-levels your current and projected financial picture. Instead of having to track all parts of your financial plan, i.e. income, expenses, assets, debts, risk management, goals, etc.., you now only have to track one Score.

Second, the FitBUX Score makes it easy to simulate multiple financial plans and model their expected outcome.  Projected variations in your FitBUX Score clearly outline how your choices today will affect your future financial picture.

Lastly, we use your FitBUX Score to offer recommendations on how to maximize your financial plan while reducing risk.  For example, our technology can recommend student loan repayment plans, how to invest your retirement, whether you should rent vs. buy a home, etc...

FitBUX Score vs Credit Score vs Financial Planners

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