Student Loan Help You Can Count On

Now you don't have to guess as to what repayment strategy is best you.

Our customized technology helps you decide how to repay your student loans and achieve your repayment goals.

We've helped young professionals manage and eliminate over $1.6 billion in loans. 

We can help you as well.

Technology Customized To Your Life! 

We believe student loan help is more than just calculators.

Our technology makes sure you are executing your repayment strategy to perfection and your loan servicers are doing the right thing!

Customized Financial Plan

Want student loan help but don't want to spend the time developing your own plan. No problem.

With our financial planning technology and student loan tools, you answer a few questions and we customize an entire financial plan for you.

Payment technology

Did you know loan servicers don't always apply your payments correctly?

Our technology solves this problem.  We make sure payments are applied correctly.  

In fact, you can make payments straight from FitBUX. Therefore, you don't have to deal with your loan servicer.

IDR Technology

Three common mistakes are made when borrowers use income-driven repayment plans (IBR, PAYE, REPAYE, PSLF).

  1. Loan servicers over charge on monthly payments

  2. Borrowers don't plan for the tax bomb at the end

  3. Filing taxes incorrectly when they are married

FitBUX's technology:

  • Makes sure your loan servicer is charging you the correct amount each month

  • Estimates the tax you'll owe and how much you need to save m

  • Analyzes if filing taxes separately or jointly is better in your situation


There are three common problems with PSLF:

  1. Few have qualified for public service loan forgiveness which cost them on average $62,000!

  2. Loan servicers have been known to not count months towards PSLF qualification as well as overcharge on monthly payments.

  3. If you don't proceed correctly, you may still have your loans forgiven in 20 years but you could owe $10,000s in taxes.

FitBUX's technology helps you solve these three problems. We hold the loan servicers accountable to make sure they and you are doing the right thing to get your loans forgiven after 120 payments

Additional Student Loan Help

Student Loan Refinance

Student loan help wouldn't be complete with refinance help. Check out our student loan refinance service for more details.

Student Loan Planners

Our FitBUX Coaches are expert student loan planners. Schedule a call with them for free to have your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your technology track my student loans?

FitBUX's student loan help includes a technology as part of our premium membership whereby you can link your student loans to your FitBUX profile.

Therefore, we can see your balances and payments.

Do I have to build a profile to use your technology?

We believe good student loan help is customized.  Therefore, yes you have to build your profile.  That is what separates us vs the other guys.   

If I'm married, does the technology take into account filing taxes separately vs jointly for IDR?

As mentioned elsewhere, good student loan help is customized to you. Therefore, are calculators and planning technology give you the option to compare outcomes between filing separately and jointly.

If you'd like more info on how filing makes a difference, check out this article.

Does the technology take into account my spouses' student loans?

Good student loan help looks at your complete situation. That includes your spouses financial situation. This is extremely important because their student loans can greatly affect what you do.

Therefore, yes our technology takes into account your spouses' student loans.

Does the technology take into account the impact of children on my monthly IDR payment both now as well as for future children I may have?

Children affect your monthly payment on IDR.  Therefore, good student loan help must include them.  

Thus, we definitely include their impact in our technology.

How is my human capital used to help me with me student loans?

Your goal is to efficiently convert your human capital asset into tangible financial assets.  Therefore, repaying student loans in the most efficient manner is essential.

Our student loan technology helps you make sure you are doing this in the best way possible.

How can I use my FitBUX Score to help me with my student loans?

Its hard to compare various student loan repayment options and their impact on your complete financial picture.  Therefore, we make it easy by showing your FitBUX Score today as well as into the future.  

Thus, you can easily compare which strategy puts you in the best situation the fastest. Then if you want to know why you can dig into the details or ask your FitBUX Coach.

Reach your goals, get peace of mind sooner!