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FitBUX Pricing

Technology That Makes Life Easy

Build Your Plan (Free)

Set Budget, Asset, Debts, & Risk Management

Customize day-to-day expenses, how much to save, pay off debt, and insurance premiums.

Add In Life Events

Add events you'd like to simulate such as getting married, children, buying a house, etc...

Compare & Select Your Financial Plan

Simulate and compare your financial plans.  Choose which plan you'd like to implement

Implement Your Plan (Paid)

Track Your Plan & Finances All In One Place

Link your accounts or add them manually.  Easily track your plan using our mobile app.

Designated FitBUX Coach

Need help? You get to talk to your designated financial expert, a.k.a your FitBUX Coach, anytime. 

Financial Alerts

We'll let you know when you could be doing something better, like saving on debt.

Save 82% Using The FitBUX Solution

Traditional financial planners cost $20,000 over ten years! Using the FitBUX Solution instead saves you $16,400!  If you invested the savings over 30 years, that is an extra $109,000 in your pocket!

Easily implement your plan, have a designated FitBUX Coach, & get peace of mind by upgrading!

FitBUX Solution

Free FitBUX Account

Designated FitBUX Coach (Speak to the same person when you need help) 


Schedule Free Calls With FitBUX

Manually Enter Accounts & Update Profile

Track Your FitBUX Score & Easily Implement Your Plan


Link Your Student Loans To FitBUX


Connect Your Financial Institutions To FitBUX


Real-Time Notifications On Your Financial Plan


Track Your Financial Plan On Our App 


FitBUX's Student Loan Pay Off Solution


FitBUX's Student Loan Forgiveness Solution


FitBUX's Public Service Loan Forgiveness Solution


FitBUX's Student Loan Refinance Solution

FitBUX's Mortgage Planning Solution & Mortgage Loans

FitBUX's Personal Loan/Credit Card Consolidation Solution

FitBUX Investment Management Services

Access To Your FitBUX Profile Anytime

FitBUX Money School (a $350 value!)


Monthly Pricing

Limited Time Pre-Release Special

Lock in this special price now & your monthly rate will never go up!

$30.00 / mo

$12.99 / mo