A Better, Less Stressful Way To Invest

Invest your IRA, 401k/403b rollover, taxable accounts, and SEP IRAs, with FitBUX's one-of-a-kind hybrid robo-advisor.  Our technology:

  • Customizes your investments based on your ability to take risk
  • Automatically updates as your life changes
  • Gives you access to a FitBUX Coach
  • Cost Efficient 

Investing The Way It Should Be

FitBUX's Hybrid Robo-Advisor

The Big Picture

We look at your entire financial profile which includes your human capital, financial assets and debt.

Real People

Need help from a true financial expert?  You can do so with FitBUX!

Low Cost

FitBUX's expense is 57% less than the traditional investment advisor.

The Other Companies

Only Look At Small Picture

Only look at the amount you're investing with them.  They ignore everything else!

Can't Speak To Anyone

Robo-advising is inexpensive but you can't speak to anyone if you need help.

High Cost

Traditional advisors will cost you more than double what we charge. Plus you may have to pay each time you speak to them.

How Our Hybrid Robo-Advisor Works

Investing Strategies Customized To You!

Our robo-advisor factors in your human capital, current investments, cash flow, debt, and behavior into our approach.  This gives us unique insight into the level of risk you can afford to take today, and in the future.

Once we establish a baseline, we will automatically rebalance your investments to match the level of risk you can take as it evolves over time.

FitBUX's Hybrid Robo Advisor

Customized To You

Education, debt, investments... everything factors into our robo-advisor.

Powered By Tech.

We use your FitBUX Score to assess the level of risk you can bare today and in the future. All you have to do is occasionally update your FitBUX profile.

With Real People

Being able to talk to a true financial expert matters. With FitBUX, you can talk to your FitBUX Coach whenever you have questions.

At A Low Cost

On average, investment advisors charge 1.17%.  FitBUX only charges 0.50%.

How To Open An Account

Become A Member Of FitBUX

Complete your FitBUX profile so we can calculate your FitBUX Score.  Your Score will determine your ability to take risk and powers our robo-advisor.

Open Investment Account

From your FitBUX dashboard, click open an investment account.  It takes less than 2 minutes to complete

Funding Your Account

We will verify your account within 24 business hours. From there, you'll receive a confirmation email from our partner Betterment.  Once you've confirmed the account you are good to go.

Our Partnership With Betterment

FitBUX's Hybrid Robo-Advisor Partner Betterment
We Want The Best For Our Members

It is extremely important to us that every FitBUX member has a great experience.  Betterment has great technology for onboarding new investments and performing ongoing maintenance such as rebalancing.

Their technology is fantastic which is one reason why we can charge so little for our hybrid robo-advisor.

Therefore, we use Betterment for account maintenance.  We then combine that with our own proprietary investment portfolios and our one-of-a-kind technology that focuses on your ability to take risk to determine your investment allocation.

The use of technology saves you money and allows you to sleep easier knowing that you are invested correctly!


What type of accounts can I open?

Through Betterment we can open many different types of accounts: Taxable accounts, rollover 401k, rollover 403b, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Inherited IRAs.  They are all managed by our hybrid robo-advisor.

How much does FitBUX's investment accounts cost?

We only charge a fee equal to 0.50% of assets under management (AUM) annually. For example, if you have $10,000 invested with us, it will cost you $50 per year.  That fee is split between FitBUX and our technology partner, Betterment.  

For comparison, other companies charge 1.17% per year on average, more than twice as much.


Do you use any 3rd party technologies?

Yes, we have partnered with Betterment.  They have outstanding technology that allows us and our clients to easily open accounts, auto rebalance your account, and use tax loss harvesting when appropriate to optimize your returns.

FitBUX's robo-advisor selects how much risk you have the ability to take and we manage the investment portfolios.


What can I invest in?

We design all of our portfolios using cost efficient ETFs.  Our robo-advisor selects the investment allocation based on the inputs in your FitBUX proifle.


Why can't I choose individual investments, stocks, and crypto currency?

Our approach to building investment accounts uses ETFs.  ETFs have low fees and provide many ways to build the optimal portfolio for our members. However, we do believe that FitBUX members who feel comfortable with a more hands-on approach using different type of securities should feel free to do so.

In fact, we hope all FitBUX member's one day have the understanding to handle these kind of products and investments strategies. If you decide to take a more proactive approach, then make sure to include these accounts as port as your FitBUX profile  to ensure that you always look at the entire picture when using our financial planning platform and tools.


How does FitBUX compare to a Fidelity or Vanguard?

Vanguard is fantastic. In fact, we use many of their ETFs.

The primary difference between FitBUX and going straight to Vanguard or a company like Fidelity, is our FitBUX Coaches look at your complete financial profile when answering questions you may have about your financial situation.  They can also provide generalized investment information so you are more informed on your investments. Therefore, you can make better decisions.  

Often times, the call center you call at Vanguard and Fidelity are staffed with entry level financial professionals that only look at your investment with those companies in silos.

Is My Account Self-Directed?

Self-directed investment accounts are ones you have full control of.  Therefore, yes from the standpoint of control they are.  You can edit your investments and change them whenever you want without FitBUX's help.

However, for compliance purposes, Betterment restricts your investments to ETFs. Specifically, they restrict your investments to preselected portfolios of ETFs that you have the ability to invest in.  Therefore, you can not select individual stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds through Betterment.

If you'd like to use a more hands on approach there would be no reason to use FitBUX's robo-advisor or Betterment.  You are better off using a low/zero cost company.

We Look Forward To Helping You Invest With Confidence!