Financial Planning For College Students

FitBUX makes financial planning for college students easy with our one-of-a-kind technology.

  • Build a financial plan to see how you'll navigate your college years.
  • Simulate the plan and see how items such as student loans will impact you during school and post-graduation.

We've helped more than 14,000 students build financial plans for college and graduate with financial confidence. We can help you do the same!

Financial Planning For College Students Testimonial

I looked around everywhere for a financial planning app for students and couldn't find one. I'm so grateful that FitBUX saw the need for students and created a financial planning platform for students and recent graduates. Its' awesome!

Michael Kowitz
Class of 2025
University of Wisconsin La Crosse

How To Get Started

Join FitBUX

Become a free member of FitBUX by joining today. It takes roughly five minutes to build your profile.

Technology + Coaches

Use our financial planning technology designed specifically for college students.  Want help? Schedule a call with a FitBUX Coach.

Implement Your Plan

Our college financial planning technology helps you stay on track.  Therefore, you don't over spend in school and stay on track to hit your goals.  We can also help you get private loans if you need them!

Personal Finance For College Students

The largest category of student loan defaults come from those that drop out of school. The average college student has $3,280 in credit card debt!

The largest reason for drop out and credit card debt is poor money management.  FitBUX's financial planning technology for college students is designed to prevent this from happening.

Education Funding

Building a financial plan and budget starts with income. As a college student you have little to no income.

Therefore, our college financial planning technology allows you to include Federal and private loans, scholarships, grants, parent funding, spouse income, and more.


Managing expenses as a college student is a big component of your financial plan. With FitBUX's technology you can include items such as:

  • Cost of education (books, tuition, etc...)
  • Every day costs such as rent and food
  • Debt payments (autos, etc...) and contributions to investments if you have them
  • Insurance costs

A good financial plan for college students looks to the future. It includes their school years and beyond.

That is exactly what FitBUX's technology does. You can even include life events post-graduation such as getting a masters degree, buying a home, getting married, etc...

You can also use the technology to simulate various student loan repayment strategies. Therefore, you can see how they will impact your life post-graduation!


Once you build your plan you can follow it by becoming a premium FitBUX member. Students that upgrade their membership also receive a discount post-graduation!

Private Loans

Need additional funding? College students often go with the most popular lender but they might not have the best rates.

Your FitBUX Coach is here to help you shop companies so you can pay as little as possible. They can also answer your questions about repayment!

FAQ We Receive From College Students

What is the cost for college students to become a member?

Our financial planning for college students technology is available as part of our free membership.  After you build your plan you have the option of tracking your progress.  Tracking your progress is part of our premium membership which usually costs $30 a month. However, students get it for $3.33 a month!

How do you write a financial plan as a student?

Step 1: Input your school related costs into our technology, i.e. books, tuition, etc.

Step 2: Input any payments you'll be making towards debt or if you/your spouse is working any contributions you make towards retirement/investments.

Step 3: Input payments you make to insurances such as car insurance.

Step 4: Enter your funding sources such as income, student loans (Federal and Private), scholarships, gifts, grants, etc...

Step 5: Choose the type debt repayment plan you'd like to simulate, your expected profession, and expected income post-graduation.

Step 6: Enter life events & goals such as moving after graduation, marriage, buying a car, buying a house, etc...

Step 7: Simulate your plan and make adjustments if necessary

Step 8: Implement your plan and track it over time to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

Why is financial planning and personal finance important for college students?

  1. College students get their funding at the beginning of quarters/semesters.  They then cannot take out more money until the following quarter/semester.  Poor financial planning leaves college students short on funds at the end of the quarter/semester.
  2. Since they are short on funds either they drop out or take on credit card debt.  Neither are ideal situations.
  3. Also, knowing what you are doing post-graduation with items such as student debt can give you a leg up while in school.  You can start networking to find the right job as well as negotiating the salary you'll need to meet your goals.

When should I create a student financial plan?

Today!  You could be going into school, 1 - 4 years in already, or be graduating soon.  Yesterday was the best time to start. Today is the next best.

What are financial goals for students?

  1. Develop good financial discipline.  Easiest way to do this while in school is managing expenses.
  2. Pay off your credit card monthly.
  3. Limit borrowing.
  4. Keep living expenses down to the best of your ability.
  5. See if you can take a passion and turn it into a side hustle to make some money.

How do you do personal finance in college

  1. Expense management.
  2. Budgeting with limited cash inflow
  3. Making sure you have enough money for the entire quarter/semester
  4. See how much you have to work in order to not run out of money and go into credit card debt

How should I budget as a college student?

Focus on cutting expenses one item at a time.  The key is to manage your cash inflow so you don't run out of money mid quarter or semester.  

Who does FitBUX partner with for in school private student loans?

Lendkey, College Ave, Splash Financial, and Sallie Mae.

Reach your goals, get peace of mind sooner!