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Our FitBUX Experts are student loan planners.  We have assisted student loan borrowers in managing & eliminating over $2.1 Billion in student loan debt.  

Now you can get expert guidance in:

  • Developing a custom student loan plan
  • Student loan refinancing 
  • Building a holistic financial plan

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Dominic got help from FitBUX's student loan planner

I had an insane amount of debt with ridiculous interest rates. FitBUX is the best student loan planner.  They are much more helpful than anyone I've spoken to... including those I've paid for advice. Using them is a no brainer.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi 
OTD, OTR/L Class of 2017
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Steps To Speaking With A Student Loan Planner

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This is the first step to paying off your student loans and achieving financial freedom.  Your profile feeds our technology so you get accurate student loan advice.

Your Student Loan Planner

Build a custom student loan plan by scheduling a call with a student loan expert and/or immediately begin using our technology.

Implement Your Plan

Implement your plan with our one-of-a-kind technology, and reduce your student loan anxiety.  Peace of mind is awesome!

Finally, You Can Get Student Loan Advice You Deserve

FitBUX Student Loan Planners Save You Money
Develop Your Plan

IBR, SAVE, PSLF, student loan refinancing, etc.  There is a lot to navigate when it comes to student loan debt!

We are experts in student loans.  

Plus, FitBUX has student loan technology that allows you to customize a plan.  Therefore, you can build a student loan plan that is perfect for you.

FitBUX Student Loan Planner Is Looking At The Big Picture
Its More Than Just Student Loans

No more confusing excel models!

Our one-of-a-kind technology allows you to build an entire plan.  Therefore, you see how different repayment options impact other areas of life such as home buying, retirement, family planning, etc.

In addition, our FitBUX Experts are more than student loan planning experts.  We are experts in planning, investing, mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, insurances, and more.

FitBUX Student Loan Planners Make It Easy To Implement Your Plan
Implement Your Plan & Relax

Once you meet with your student loan planner and have a plan in place, the next step is to implement it.

You can use FitBUX to:

  • Refinance your student loan debt to get a lower interest rate;

  • Make payments to your loan servicers;

  • Make sure you're paying off your loans according to your plan;

  • Track & save for the tax on loan forgiveness;

  • Track PSLF payments; and

  • Track your entire plan!

Student Loan Refinance Service

Student loan refinancing is more than just saving money. Your student loan planner will help you:

  1. Decide if refinancing is right for you,
  2. Figure out which loans to refinance,
  3. Shop 9 of the top lenders in the country so you get the best interest rate,
  4. Be there throughout the process because lenders are difficult.

We are on your side and know refinancing isn't for everyone. In fact, only 25% of FitBUX members end up refinancing.

Who Should Use A FitBUX Student Loan Planner?

  • You are confused as to which repayment plan to choose
  • You have loans from undergrad or graduate school
  • You want to know if student loan refinancing is right for you
  • You'd like to get a lower interest rate
  • You want to know if student loan forgiveness is right for you
  • You want to minimize the risk of student loan forgiveness
  • You want peace of mind with your finances
  • You want a plan that involves you entire life
  • You want student loan debt to compliment your life not dictate it
  • You want step-by-step guidance
  • Students looking to plan their future
  • Those looking to discharge student loans
  • Students looking for Federal loans (go to your Financial aid department) 
  • Those looking for disability discharge information
  • Those that are looking for someone else to do everything for them (We are not a document preparation scam company!)
  • Those that aren't ready to take on responsibility

FitBUX Is Trusted by Graduates From Over 200 Universities

Top Questions About Our Student Loan Planners

Others charge $500+ to speak with someone.  Why do you offer the student loan planner service for much less?

Our goal is for you to trust FitBUX and subscribe to our membership.  We understand money is a long-term journey not just a one-time thing. 

We want to be your trusted go to financial partner the rest of your life.  This allows you to use our technology and experts without having to pay a bunch of fees before you truly know what you are getting!

What type of student loan debt can you help me with?

We can help with all forms of debt including both Federal student loans and private loans.

How do you make money?

Subscriptions are our primary source of revenue.  

We also have vetted a number of providers such as mortgage/student loan lenders and receive monthly fees from them.  FitBUX Members are under no obligation to use our partners.  We provide them because we know how difficult it is finding good help in financial services and want the best for our Members.

The last way we generate revenue is asset management fees via our hybrid robo advisor.  Again, FitBUX Members are under no obligation to use this service. 

Do you use excel or is everything web-based and interactive?

We don't use archaic and confusing excel sheets.  Everything is web-based and interactive.  You have access to your free profile anytime you want to log in.  

What is the expertise of a FitBUX student loan planner?

All of our student loan planners are FitBUX Experts.  Experts are either CFA Charterholders or they have financial planning degrees.  They have also undergone extensive training in student loans.

Why is it so hard to find a student loan planner?

The finance industry is very archaic. In short, the finance industry doesn’t include student loan planners because its not “traditionally” the way the 'experts' make money.

Once people realize financial aid officers and loan servicers do not provide advice, they turn to other "experts”.  The first of these experts are CFPs (Certified Financial Planners).

CFPs are great and have a good body of knowledge. That body of knowledge focuses on 8 key topics which you can view here.  You’ll notice that debt is not one of the major topics.

A registered investment advisor (RIA) is a fiduciary that gives investment advice. The key here is that they make their money when you invest with them. In short, they have no way of making money by giving you advice on debt.

Very few RIAs are good at giving advice on debt. I don’t blame them for this either. Their focus should be on managing your investments.

Financial advisors... so many people call themselves advisors nowadays. Most of these individuals only have an insurance license and their knowledge is limited to the products they sell. I would be very cautious of working with them because their expertise is extremely limited.

This is just a small list of reasons.  Here is a complete article on it if you'd like to read more.

Who are FitBUX's student loan refinance partners?

Can my Federal loan servicer give me advice?

THEY DO NOT WORK FOR YOU.  An employee at a Federal loan servicer is definitely not a student loan planner.

Their job is simple.  They are contracted by the Federal government to collect payments.  Nothing more, nothing less.

They are not there to tell you which loan is best for you. How could they? They know nothing about you and aren’t there to try and save you money.  Their job is to simply collect and pass on to the government.

In fact, by law, they are required to tell you which plan gives you the lowest monthly payment. That is it. Most of those plans actually cost you a tremendous amount of money over time relative to the other options.

Can my financial aid office give me advice?

A financial aid officer is far from being a student loan planner.  They are great at telling you how to get a loan. However, their expertise ends there.  They have no formal training in personal financial management.

Will I save money?

Saving money is a biproduct of what we do. However, our primary objective is to make your student loan debt compliment your life instead of dictating it.

Top Questions About Our Free Student Loan Planning Service

Why do you offer this service for free?

Our goal is for you to trust FitBUX, use our monthly financial planning software to manage your money, and call whenever you need financial help throughout the rest of your life.

If your student loan planners are free, how do you make money?

Today we make money 3 ways.

First, our student loan planners help so many Young Professionals that student loan refinance lenders pay us to be on the platform. Therefore, we can offer student loan planning and our student loan refinance service for free. 

Second, we have a special currently for $12.99 per month for our innovative FitBUX Solution.  This technology makes sure you are implementing your plan correctly.  You are not obligated to sign-up for one of these solutions.

Third, we offer credit card refinancing services which are free for you to use much like the student loan refinance service.  We will soon start offering mortgages and asset management on the platform as well.

Do you use excel or is everything web-based and interactive?

We don't use archaic and confusing excel sheets.  Everything is web-based and interactive.  You have access to your free profile anytime you want to log in.  The free profile includes a number of financial planning tools

Why is it so hard to find a student loan planner?

Our founder, Joseph Reinke, wrote an article about this question.  Check it out by clicking here.

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