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You want those people on your team!

5.0 rating
May 29, 2020

Look no further for loan advice! Since the very first phone call, Fitbux has done an incredible job explaining and educating me about ALL of my loan options. Even years later, they still answer all my questions, and always allow me to come to my own decision about the next steps. Because of them I have a plan in place for crushing my loan. I especially love the payoff calculators as they are extremely motivating. The best part is that they go to BAT for me when loan servicers make mistakes- you want these people on your team! Thank you again Joe for your hard work.


I look forward to continuing working with them

5.0 rating
May 28, 2020

FitBux was super helpful in going over student loan repayment options. The information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and it is tailored to my situation. I look forward to continuing to working with them.


David and Edmund were extremely helpful

5.0 rating
May 27, 2020

Working with fitbux members David and Edmund was extremely helpful to understand all of my options to repay my loans. They went through everything I wanted to ask and helped me feel confident in understanding various payment techniques to help me choose what might be best for me. I had a great experience and recommend that everyone at least utilizes the consultation meeting to help with general finance knowledge. Their services in addition to this seem well worth it.


Very knowledgeable. Thanks David!

5.0 rating
May 26, 2020

Very knowledgeable! I went into my first phone call with them not knowing anything about student loan repayment. David explained everything to me, and explained what some of my options will do to my payments. I will definitely be scheduling another call as I get closer to graduation!


Incredibly helpful

5.0 rating
May 25, 2020

Joe was incredibly helpful in helping me understand the current status of my loans, action steps to take right now, and action steps to take between now and graduation. Joe provided some great education that has helped me feel more in control of the financial situation that lies ahead. Thank you so much!

Sarah Strong

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