Our Story

We are a team of industry veterans with decades of experience working in start-ups and multi-billion dollar businesses in the financial space, including Bank of the West, PayPal, Xoom, Western Union Ventures, Experian and others.

FitBUX is developing a one of a kind financial management platform. Key to our approach is the FitBUX Score. We look beyond traditional factors to draw a more accurate and truly complete financial picture. We use factors such as education, previous employment, earning potential and more.

Our algorithm enables us to build proprietary tools which offer consumers unmatched ways to assess the impact of key financial decisions on their current situation and their financial picture down the road. For example, what happens if I go back to school and take on additional student loans? What is the optimal amount of student debt based on my situation, as opposed to the maximum amount I could qualify for? What is the optimal way to repay my student loans? etc.

Armed with the first truly holistic financial picture as well as tools to forecast the impact of future decisions, consumers will be able to make better more informed decisions, leading to a better outcome, financially and beyond.

In addition, our technology provides us the ability to bring new financial products to the market as well as offer traditional products.  The technology provides consumers with new ways to plan and finance major financial needs throughout their lives.

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