Your Home Ownership Questions Answered

You have a lot of home buying questions with no one place to go for answers.

Now you do!  FitBUX's technology and free FitBUX Coaches provide customized answers to questions such as:

  • How does home buying fit into my financial plan?
  • How can I save to buy a house?
  • Should I rent or buy?
  • How much home can I afford?
  • Should I pay points?

Providing Home Ownership Answers All In One Place


Our free membership includes access to a number of calculators that are customized to your situation. 

Optimization Technology

Take the guess work out of buying a house. Our optimization technology will tell you key items such as when to buy and how much to buy!

Additional Help

Track your entire financial plan using FitBUX, schedule calls with our FitBUX coaches, and use our vetted lending partners to get a mortgage.

Easy To Use Calculators

Financial Planning Technology

See the impact of marriage, student loans, children, etc.. have on buying a home.  You can build multiple plans to see which one gives you the best outcome.

Mortgage Points

Calculate exactly how much you should pay in points, what your break even time period is, and what type of mortgage strategy to implement.  You can even see if it makes since to pay off your mortgage quickly or invest.

Mortgage Repayment

Easily calculate what your monthly payment would be and how quickly you can pay off your mortgage.

Optimization Technology Makes Life Easy

FitBUX's optimization technology is included in our premium memberships.  It makes sure you are executing your financial plan to perfection and getting unbiased answers to your questions.

Optimized Financial Plan

Want customized help but don't want to spend time developing an entire plan? No problem.

Our financial plan optimization technology does the heavy lifting.

Simply answer a few questions and we'll customize an entire financial plan including if you should buy a house, when you should buy it!

How Much Home Can I Afford?

Lenders don't tell you how much you can afford.  They tell you how much loan you qualify for.

Our technology takes into account your entire financial profile and tells you exactly how much you can afford to buy.

For example, now you can see if you can afford to pay $450,000 for a house or stick to $400,000.

Should I Rent Or Buy?

We take into account all the information on your FitBUX profile.  Then we run complex algorithms and let you know what makes since for you to do!

Additional Help Is Here!

Neo home loans is one of FitBUX's mortgage lending partners
Movement Mortgage is one of FitBUX's mortgage lending partners
Mortgages & HELOCs

We are picky on who we partner with. Our goal is to give FitBUX members the best experience possible.  Therefore, we don't just partner with anyone.

In fact, our founder personally uses these lenders for his loans. That is how we know their customer service is top notch.

Getting Help Has Never Been Easier

Tell Us About Yourself

Share with us your education, where you live, and financial situation.  This is extremely important when optimizing your financial plan.

Optimize Your Life

Take full control of your finances using our technology.  Need help? Schedule a free call with a FitBUX Coach.

Ready, Set, Go

Track your entire financial plan using FitBUX.  Plus, you can use our lending partners to get a mortgage.

Top Questions About Our Home Ownership Technology

What technology and services are part of the free membership vs the premium membership?

Our calculators, financial plan building technology, and scheduling calls with a FitBUX Coach are part of our free membership.

Our premium membership includes are optimized technologies, you receive a designated FitBUX coach, and you can track your financial plan with optimized real-time feedback.  In short, you can manage all your finances in one place.  The optimized home ownership technology includes our rent vs buy technology and how much home you can afford technology.

Do I have to build a profile to use the housing calculators?

Yes.  All of our calculators are customized to your data.  They factor in 1,000 of data points to give you the best information possible.

Does the technology take into account future events such as raises, marriage, etc.?

Yes, you can use the technology with or without these future events.  

How can I use the FitBUX Score to help me with my home buying decision?

The FitBUX Score takes all of your data and puts it into one easy to understand score.

When it comes to housing, the Score reflex how much risk you are taking by getting a mortgage.  For example, you may currently rent and then you build a financial plan whereby you buy a house.  If the Score drops in the short-run, its because of the added risk.  If it increases in the short-run, its a no brainer... Buy.

In the long run, the Score reflects what puts you in a better financial position.  For example, if you buy a house today and your Score drops but by 65 your Score is higher than if you rented, then buying may make since, i.e. it puts you in a better financial situation.  However, you have to determine is the risk worth it today vs the return of tomorrow.

Get your mortgage questions answered today!