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FitBUX's financial platform captures your past, present, and most importantly, your future.

Identify The Optimal Strategy

Visualize the pros, cons, and risk of various student loan repayment plans on your future.

Execute & Stay On Track

Implement your selected strategy, track it overtime to ensure you stay on target or adjust it as needed.

The missing piece.
Your FitBUX profile goes beyond finance-related questions. It captures often overlooked Human Capital assets, which encompass the skills you've developed, the education you've attained and more.

Your FitBUX profile is then summarized in one easy-to-understand score, your FitBUX Score.

The optimal strategy.
Our innovative tools, powered by our unique FitBUX Score technology, will help you make better-informed decisions by illustrating the impact of potential decisions on your future, well beyond student loans.

Based on your own priorities, you can now decide whether you should extend your loans and/or prepay them, switch to an Income-Drive Repayment plan, refinance your loans, etc.

Execution and tracking.
Once you are ready, our experts can monitor your account to make sure that your strategy is always optimized over time. If you strategy entails refinancing, you can do so with one of our lending partners. 


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Powered by the FitBUX Score, our tools will help you make better informed decisions using easy to understand charts and graphs.

4- Talk With An Expert

Customize your plan with an expert. Schedule a call with your FitBUX Coach. Its' free.

"In addition to the awesome flexibility and savings, the valuable advice FitBUX gave me about my student loans was exactly what I was looking for as a young professional!"

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