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"I felt stressed and hopeless with my financial situation.  Now, with FitBUX, I have a plan I can stick to and I feel in control for the first time in my life.  FitBUX was life changing for me!"

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Carter Sheely

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Your FitBUX Score will show you where you're at today, how you compare to others, and how it will change based on your income, expenses, savings and debt.
We'll tell you if you are using your income efficiently to save and pay off debt.
Use our technology to see how different decisions will impact your financial future before ever committing to them.

Get Help Choosing The Best Route

Most financial "experts" only look at your financial capital.  However, most young professionals don't have financial capital.  Therefore, most "experts" can't help you.
We're a team of CFA Charterholders and experts with 30 years experience working with student loans.  We incorporate your largest asset, human capital, into our analysis to customize a plan that actually work for you.

Implement And Plan For The Future

Our FitBUX Solution brings you peace of mind by ensuring you execute your plan correctly.  
When you are ready to take the next step, we can help you manage your entire financial plan like repaying student loans, paying for a wedding, buying a house, getting life insurance or saving for retirement - all in one place with the experts you trust.
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Check out these interviews with FitBUX Member's and see how they are tackling their student loans.

Kyle Freeman Tikdocphysio
Jacque Paying Off 170k in student loans

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