How To Use

Wellness Dollars 

To Fund Your Workplace Financial Wellness Program

Many insurance companies offer "wellness dollars" that can be used to fund our financial wellness program.

What Are Wellness Dollars?

Wellness dollars are allocated funds from insurance companies to corporate clients for qualifying employee health and wellness programs, including financial wellness initiatives. 

The Impact Of Financial Stress

Morgan Stanley highlighted that financial stress can lead to declines in productivity, weakened company culture, delayed retirements and more. 

Return On Investment

In the current volatile economy, investing in employee financial health has a proven positive return on investment (ROI), with studies showing a $3 return for every $1 spent on workplace financial well-being.

How To Use Wellness Dollars To Fund Your Financial Wellness Program

Wellness dollars, also called health dollars or wellness credits, work on a use-it-or-lose-it basis, expiring annually but remaining accessible throughout the year. This flexibility allows companies to introduce new wellness programs mid-year and offset costs with these funds.

1 - Review You Insurance Plan

Review your group health insurance plan and any wellness provisions to see if your insurer offers corporate wellness funds.

2- Contact Your Insurance Company

After confirming the availability of corporate wellness funds, reach out to your insurance provider for program details.

3- Design And Submit A Financial Wellness Initiative

Based on the insurance provider's guidelines and your employees' needs, tailor your wellness initiatives with FitBUX's assistance, and submit them to your insurance company.

4- Implement Your Initiative And Track Progress

Upon approval, you'll receive access to the funds. Once implemented, your insurance provider may ask for data to measure the effectiveness of your programs.

Ready To Bring Financial Wellness To Your Employees?

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