Unlock One's Potential With FitBUX's Financial Wellness Curriculum

Our curriculum can be used as a curriculum for undergraduate, graduate students, or as a self-paced course for young professionals.

Curriculum Sample

The Financial Building Blocks

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Thanks to Joe and the team at FitBUX for getting this information to all of us. Bottom line, this is the best investment you'll ever make!

Will Boyd

DPT, Chatham University

A Teacher With Years of Experience

Joseph Reinke, CFA

The curriculum was created by Joe Reinke, CFA and founder of FitBUX. Joe is a financial expert who has taught this curriculum as an adjunct professor at over 15 universities.

After many years working in financial services, Joe created FitBUX, and this curriculum, after witnessing friends struggle with their finances post-graduation. 

To date, thousands of young professionals have leveraged Joe's teachings and FitBUX's technology to transform their lives.