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Next Live Webinar: September 12 @ 8:00pm EST
Estimated Duration: 45 Minutes
Recording: Available Until Sunday Sept. 15th
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I spent a year trying to learn about loan forgiveness and was unsuccessful but FitBUX answered all my questions in an hour."

Erin P. DPT, University of Miami, Class of '18

You Will Learn How To...

Understand Loan Forgiveness
REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, ICR, IDR, PSLF... Confused?  We'll make student loan forgiveness easy to understand.
Be Ready For The Tax Bomb
Loan forgiveness plans have a tax payment due at the end. We'll show you how to customize a plan to save for it.
Keep Your Loan Servicer Honest
Loan servicers tend to overcharge which costs you $1,000s. We'll show you how to make sure your payment is right.

This Webinar Is For...

The 88% Who Don't Know How Loan Forgiveness Works!
7.2 million borrowers use these plans. However, 88% of students, new grads, and those out of school for the past 10 years don't know how they work!

Therefore, this webinar is for any of the following looking for help:

> Students
> New Grads
> Those That  Graduated In The Past 10 Years

The 12% Who Do Know How It Works!
12% of those we surveyed know how these plans work. However, they weren't confident in themselves to develop a repayment strategy and implement it correctly.

If you fall into this 12%, we are going to show how you can easily:

> Calculate the tax liability
> save for the tax correctly
> make sure you aren't being overcharged

About Us

FitBUX Has...
> Helped young professionals manage and eliminate over $800 million in student loans.

> Hosted workshops for 120+ universities.

> Had over 10,000 young professionals attend our webinars and workshops. 
Student Loan Refinance Expert Joseph Reinke
Your Host...
> Joseph Reinke, CFA is an expert in student loans and money.

> He is the founder of FitBUX.

> He has been a guest on 20+ podcast and has guest blogged for 15+ websites.

What Others Are Saying


After graduation, I wanted to bury my head in the sand. FitBUX gave me confidence and peace of mind."


Dominic R.

Class of 2018


The valuable advice FitBUX gave me about my student loans was exactly what I was looking for as a young professional. 


Keiko I.

Class of 2016


FitBUX is educating students and new grads on their financial situation and their options based on "them" not their "numbers".    


Marc L.

Class of 2019

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Lower Stress. Get Peace Of Mind. Gain Control