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Each Tool Incorporates Your FitBUX Score

Our tools are more than just calculators.
Each tool incorporates Your FitBUX Score so you can visual​​​​ize the impact of potential financial decisions on your complete financial picture today and in the future.

Our Unique Student Loan Tools

Our one-of-a-kind student loan repayment tools answer questions such as:
> How can I repay my loans faster?
> Should I pay off my loans or pursue loan forgiveness?
> How much do I really save by refinancing my loans?
> How much in taxes will I owe if I use an income-driven repayment plan?
> and Much More.....

FitBUX's Master Planning Tool

How does your student loan repayment plan affect: retirement, family planning, house purchasing, etc..?
Our Master Planning Tool runs scenarios so you can see how different repayment plans affect:
> Your Budget
> Your Retirement
> Saving For A Home
> Family Planning
> and Much More....

Assistance From Your FitBUX Coach

When you schedule your free coaching call, your FitBUX Coach will help you use and understand each tool!

Visualize Your Way To Financial Peace Of Mind.

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