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Your Future Is Most Important

As a Young Professional, you've worked hard to develop your skills and increase your income potential, i.e. your Human Capital asset. Your Human Capital asset, along with your finances, is included in your FitBUX Score. Your Score represents your past, present, and most importantly, your future.


How Do You Use Your Score?


Easily visualize where you are currently on your financial path. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses empowers you to make informed choices for tomorrow.


Understand the advantages, disadvantages and risk of various strategies by seeing the impact on your FitBUX Score. Increase your Score by choosing the right financial path.


Once you select a strategy, keep checking your FitBUX Score and track your progress to make sure you are staying on the right financial path.

Answer Questions Such As...

- Which student loan plan should I choose?
- Should I seek student loan forgiveness?
- Should I refinance?
- Do I invest or payoff my student loans?
- When will I be able to afford a home?
- And much more coming soon!

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