FitBUX Student Loan & Financial Planning  Online Workshops

Student loans are an investment in your future
Our online workshop helps you maximize the return on that investment

I spent months trying to find the right person to talk to about my student loans and was unsuccessful. FitBUX answered all my questions in one hour. 

Erin P.

SPT, U. of Miami

#1 With Young Professionals

We've helped Young Professionals from over 220 graduate programs. We would love to add yours to the list!

Workshops Topics


Deferral? Prepay? IDR? Consolidation? Refinance? We explain each to help attendees understand which strategy is best for their personal situation.

Putting Time On Your Side

The first 6 months post graduation are key to putting a new graduate on sound financial footing. Our workshops helps students plan an efficient strategy at this critical juncture.

Building A Plan

The Federal government offers nine repayment options.  We illustrate the advantages and risks to consider when exploring different strategies. Then we show you how to develop a plan that includes student loans, retirement, home buying, etc...

Tracking Progress

Developing a strategy is only the first step. We cover how to implement it, track your progress and make sure that both you and your loan servicer(s) do what they're supposed to do.