The Complete Picture

Your future income matters...

Your expected salary, the organization you work for, the state you work in, etc. impacts your financial situation and potential earnings.

Your student debt matters...

How much debt you expect to have when you graduate, the type of loans, and interest rates will greatly impact your life post-graduation.

But YOU matter most!

We take into account being a future DPT, the skills you've developed, volunteering, etc. because it plays a vital role in your future finances.

What you do...

Build Your FitBUX Profile

Your FitBUX profile goes well beyond traditional financial questions and incorporates who YOU truly are. It serves as the starting point for making better informed financial decisions. Use estimates. It only takes a couple of minutes to create.

What You Get

Comparative Analysis of PT Schools

Receive a detailed comparative analysis for 3 PT schools of your choice to help you choose the optimal program based on your financial priorities.

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PT Schools Cost to Income Rankings

Access our one-of-a-kind rankings and easily compare programs based on how much they cost relative to the income you should expect to receive post-graduation.

Your FitBUX Score

Your personalized FitBUX Score makes it easy to understand the impact of potential decisions today and in the future. The higher the score, the better off you'll be financially.

Access To Our Proprietary Financial Tools

Use our "what if" scenarios to make better informed decisions: What's the impact of student loans on my future financial profile? How should I optimize my student loan repayment strategy? etc.

Your FitBUX Coach

Discuss one of the largest financial decisions of your life with a real person and customize a strategy that is perfect for you.

Monthly PT Financial Live Chats

Our live chats cover financial topics well beyond student loans. Since we're dedicated to the PT industry, you will get to interact with SPTs and DPTs who have "been there, done that" and will share their own experiences.

FitBUX will save you tens of thousands in the long run!


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Complete FitBUX Profile
Your FitBUX Score
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FitBUX Coach Access
Cost-To-Income DPT School Rankings
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Monthly PT Finance Live Chats