Interview with … Theresa Richards

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Even if you’re not a SLP, this episode is still for you!

There’s a little bit about business, a little about mindset, and a lot about pivoting when you see a need for change regardless of which profession you’re in.

Theresa is a medical speech-language pathologist and Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. She previously owned a mobile FEES company that serviced over 100 skilled nursing facilities across 4 states.

Joe and Theresa discuss how Theresa chose SLP as a career, and how she started in the school system, and then transitioning to swallow evaluations. Then pivoting to starting two businesses doing FEES, and eventually selling her business and pivoting again.

Now, Theresa has a thriving blog, podcast, and additional businesses including a non-profit!

Listen in to see how Theresa’s story can ignite you to pivot if you so choose!


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