Planning For A Wedding, Moving, Buying A House, & Student Loans

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This podcast episode is all about developing a financial plan based on the specific circumstances of a couple.

To illustrate this, we use a real life example of a physical therapist and his fiancé, who are both recent graduates and will be getting married this year. They have saved over 100k between their cash accounts, taxable investments and retirement. They have also paid down their student loans and auto loans to a nominal amount.

This couple plans to move to another stated to work for a few years, before moving back home to buy a duplex.  Six months after moving home, they hope to have saved enough to buy a second duplex. The goal is that by 2025 they will have their first child.

Their current combined salary is 137K and will increase to 220K when they move to the other state.   Once returning to their home state, she plans on reducing her hours, and reduce them again once they have a child.

We helped them run some scenarios using our financial planning tool to help assess the couple’s situation further and to help them plan further.  Idealistically, they should reach their goals in under 10 years and predicted that by 2046 – 23 years from now – they would be completely debt free!

Finally we ran another “what if” scenario for them. Listen in to see how our technology can plan for those unplanned scenarios.

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