Interview with Mark Kantrowitz

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Welcome to our enlightening discussion with student loan expert, Mark Kantrowitz.

As a celebrated author, consultant, and a well-quoted resource for over 10,000 publications, Mark has carved a niche in the realm of student loans and college financial planning.

From testifying before Congress to appearing on high-profile shows like Susie Orman, Mark’s extensive industry knowledge has made him a beacon for students and parents navigating the often complex landscape of student loans and financial aid. In this episode, we traverse a range of topics, from sourcing scholarships and grants to understanding the nuances of 529 plans, tax implications, and much more.

We also delve into Mark’s predictions for the future of student loans and higher education. So, whether you’re a student taking out your first loan, or a parent planning for your child’s education, this episode promises to be an essential guide.

Don’t miss out on Mark’s expert insights and make sure to stay tuned till the end as we uncover lesser-known loan forgiveness programs and discuss effective financial strategies.

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