Coronavirus Teaches Us An Important Financial Lesson - Manage Your Risk & Your Return Will Be There

In This Episode:

One of the most popular videos in our financial course, Money School, is titled “Manage Your Risk & Your Return Will Be There.”

We posted this quote in our FitBUX Finance Group on Facebook a few days ago. We did so to point out to all the people in that group that have gone through the course to use the current pandemic as an opportunity to learn.

However, there are many individuals in that group that haven’t watched our financial course and wanted more information about managing your risk.

Therefore, we did a special podcast highlighting how risk hits all four financial inputs: income, expenses, assets, and debt.

In the podcast, we define what this quote means, how to reduce risk over time, and how to have peace of mind.

Resources Discussed In The Episode

Resources Discussed In The Episode

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