the Ultimate Financial Planning Platform For PFP Students

Our online platform is designed for your financial planning students to use with the rest of the student body. Goodbye Excel spreadsheets!

I looked around everywhere for a financial planning app for students and couldn't find one. I'm so grateful that FitBUX saw the need for students and created this technology. Its' awesome!

Michael Kowitz
SPT Class of 2025
University of Wisconsin La Crosse

How It Works

1- "Regular" Students Join FitBUX, It's Free

Students build a profile and gain access to our one-of-a-kind financial planning technology.

2- Students Get Help From PFP Student

Your PFP students use our platform to develop plans for students while they are in school as well as post graduation if desired.

3- They Implement Their Plan

Students can track their financial plan and your PFP students get experience implementing and evaluating a clients progress.

How FitBUX's Technology Is Different

A Truly Student-Centric Approach

Our financial planning technology was designed specifically for students.  From how they fund their education to tracking daily expenses and planning for goals and potential life events and more..

Easily Modeling Of Options And Outcomes

Is a student trying to decide if they want to pay $50 a month towards their student loans? Now they can simulate this as well as many other questions and visualize their impact of their financial picture, today and down the road.

Incorporates Human Capital 

Human Capital is usually the most valuable asset students have, as opposed to financial assets. Human capital is critical as it is used to model a student's earning potential as well as the level of risk associated with those earnings.

FitBUX incorporates Human Capital into our algorithms to determine the best way to spend their money, save, pay off debt, etc. in the context of a truly holistic financial plan.
The FitBUX Score Makes It Easy To Track Progress

A financial plan can be complex and hard to understand and track. You have to evaluate income, expenses, human capital, financial capital, debt, insurance, life events, and much more!

FitBUX makes it all easy to understand by combining all that info into one data point called the FitBUX Score. Variations of the FitBUX Score over time or its projected value makes it simple to model and track progress.

Online Demos

Below are demo videos so you can see how unique our technology is.

Building A Financial Plan

This video demonstrates how financial planning students can use our technology to build plans 

Simulating & Comparing Financial Plans

This demonstration shows how students can compare everything from funding options, working or not working in school, making payments on debt while in school, etc... as well as comparing their options post graduation.

Implementing The Optimal Financial Plan

This video demonstrates how your students can track their spending and funding disbursements in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide financial education?

Yes, we offer webinars and in person workshops.  We host two different workshops.  One for student just beginning their schooling and  the other a month or two before they graduate.


What is the cost?

We customize the offering for each program/university that we work with.  


Do students have access to financial experts?

This is up to you!  Our experts are available to all your students, we can train your financial aid department to use the technology, or a combination of both.


Do students get any benefits from FitBUX post-graduation?

Yes.  Students from programs and universities we partner with receive a 50% discount on our financial planning/wellness technology post-graduation at no added cost to the university!


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