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Student Loan Pay Off Solution

Repay your loans correctly and make sure your loan servicer is applying payments correctly.

Student Loan Pay Off Solution

Repay your loans correctly and make sure your loan servicer is applying payments correctly.

Getting Started Is Easy

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Your free profile takes 5 minutes to build, gives you access to our tools, and helps us build a plan for you.

Get Free Expert Help

Get a free FitBUX Coach to help you understand and customize your plan.

Implement Your Plan

Our technology helps you stay on track in implementing your plan so you can reach your goals faster.

What You Get With Our Pay Off Solution

Loan Servicers Make Mistakes

You are trying to be responsible and prepay your loans.  However, your loan servicer doesn't always apply the payments correctly.

Our Pay Off Solution tells you if your payment was applied correctly or not which can save you thousands.
Help When You Need It

If you need help with your loan servicer, we'll call them with you because we know how difficult they can be.

Make Payments From FitBUX 

Soon, you'll be able to make payments on your student loans straight from your FitBUX profile

Your FitBUX Coach

Our Pay Off Solution is part of our FitBUX Solution. Therefore, you are given a designated FitBUX Coach.  That is right, you get to speak to the same person whenever you have questions.

Thousands of Young Professionals Trust Us To Manage And Eliminate Over $1.6 Billion In Student Debt!

Save 82% Using The FitBUX Solution

Traditional financial planners cost $20,000 over ten years! Using the FitBUX Solution instead saves you $16,400!  If you invested the savings over 30 years, that is an extra $109,000 in your pocket!

FitBUX Solution

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