Student Loan Pay Off Solution

> Repay your loans correctly 
> We provide you accountability
> Know your loan servicer is applying payments correctly
> Maximize your savings

FitBUX Works With You

We Hold You Accountable

It is critical to make prepayments and implement your plan correctly.
We help you implement your plan and make sure you stay disciplined until you're debt-free!

Loan Servicers Make Mistakes

Youare trying to save money by paying off your loans quickly....
However, your loan servicer may not be applying your payments correctly, costing you time and money!
FitBUX's Pay Off Solution monitors your servicer automatically, making sure they apply your payments correctly. If they don't, we will let you know.

Help When You Need It

As part of our Pay Off Solution, your FitBUX Coach will call your loan servicer with you anytime you have a problem.
We also send you updates on how to maximize your strategy throughout repayment.
Anytime you need help, you talk to the same FitBUX Coach. That's right, you don't have to speak with someone who doesn't know your situation.

4 Easy Steps

Purchase Solution
Purchase the FitBUX Pay Off Solution today. As little as $2.50/month
Link Your Accounts
All you have to do is link your student loan accounts to your FitBUX profile.
Track Your Payments
We make sure that both you and your lender implement your strategy correctly.
Goodbye Loans
Save money and time. Kiss your loans goodbye forever.

Thousands of Young Professionals Trust Us To Manage And Eliminate Over $950 Million In Student Debt!

Free Account

The basics


  • Access to our innovative tools
  • Your free FitBUX Score
  • Free calls with a FitBUX Coach
  • Free student loan refinance service
  • Free credit card consolidation service
Monthly Plan

Peace of Mind for less than a coffee/mo



  • Monthly subscription to our Student Loan Pay Off Solution
  • A designated FitBUX Coach to speak with whenever you need
  • An expert to call your loan servicer with you if needed
  • + Everything from the free plan