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Thousands of OTs use our financial planning platform,  technology, and Coaches to build, implement and track customized financial plans. Therefore, they have financial peace of mind which is a beautiful thing.

We would love to help you do the same!

Make Money Complement Your Life, Not Dictate It!

Our technology and FitBUX Coaches will help you make the right decision. And since our Coaches are not on commission, their recommendations are totally unbiased.

We do the math, answer questions, and empower you to make the decision that is best for you.


Dominic got help from FitBUX's student loan planner


After graduation, I wanted to bury my head in the sand and and not talk about my student loans. FitBUX customized a repayment plan that gave me confidence and peace of mind. I recommend FitBUX to all Occupational Therapist to use FitBUX.

Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi OTD, OTR/L Class of 2017

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Our technology helps you stay on track once you implement your plan so you can reach your goals faster and achieve financial independence.

We Do The Math, You Choose The Path

Imagine if you could visualize the impact of financial decisions on your future self.
FitBUX's technology does exactly that!

FitBUX is like GPS for your money. We highlight different routes, present the benefits of each option so that you can decide how to best attack and crush your goals.


Financial Planning For "The Entire You"

You are more than a bank account or student loans.  Your complete financial picture also includes your human capital. Your behaviors, professional field, achievements, family situation will impact your income potential.

This is why our innovative financial planning technology also includes your human capital, your life goals, and your dreams.  

FitBUX takes the guess work out of your financial future and helps you along your journey. 

Free Help From Financial Experts To Answer The Questions That Matter To YOU

Student Loan Help

From student loan refinancing to public service loan forgiveness. We've got you covered!

Our Coaches are expert student loan planners.  We've helped thousands of new grad manage and eliminate over $1.4 billion in student loans.  

Investment Help

Do you need help deciding how you should allocate your pay check between your 401k, Roth IRA, short-term goals, etc? Our investment technology will help you sort it all out.

In addition, you can open investment accounts through FitBUX.  

Our technology will automatically adjust your investment allocation based on how much risk you can afford based on your personal situation.

Therefore, you don't have to guess how you should invest anymore.   
Home Buying Help

It's about understanding how much home you can afford, not how much you can qualify for.

FitBUX's innovative home buying technology takes into account your personal situation to get you that number.

In addition, we will review whether it would make sense to buy vs. rent, and, if you decide that buying is right, our technology will help you answer thorny questions, ie "should I buy points?" and more.
If buying (or refinancing) makes sense, we've partnered with lenders with specific offers for medical professionals as well!
Life & Disability Insurance

Are you trying to determine whether you need life & disability insurance?  

Our insurance technology will guide you and also highlights you should expect your premiums to be based on our market data analysis.

Credit Card Refinancing & Personal Loans

Our free Coaches can will help you refinance your credit cards and/or apply for for a 0% balance transfer.  

Need cash? We can help with personal loans as well.
Money School

Learn what school forgot to teach you.  Our Money School finance course has three levels ranging from beginner to advanced.  

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"FitBUX provided top notch education on options and the impact on my future. They are providing a huge value."

Leor G., University Of Michigan

"FitBUX is truly the experts on student loans. I’m excited to see FitBUX grow in the next few years!"

Kendra L, University of Dayton

Join FitBUX because You have the right to take the guess work out of your financial future.