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Welcome NPTE Final Frontier Members!

Student Loan & Final Freedom Webinar

NPTE Final Frontier has partnered with FitBUX to bring its' members expert help with student loans and financial planning.  

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Actionable tips to paying off student loans,
  • Clarity on which loan repayment plan to choose, 
  • How to avoid loan servicer costly errors, and
  • Secrets to making a financial plan so you have less stress in your life.

Webinar Date:

If you can't make the live webinar, register and a replay link will be available until Sunday at midnight!

FitBUX Finance Webinar Quote

"I felt helpless thinking about student loans, retirement, and saving for a house before I attended this webinar.

Now I'm in control of my financial life, confident, and financially stress-free.  I highly recommend attending this webinar.  Its definitely worth the time, it will save you thousands in the long run, and it will allow you to sleep better at night."

Alexis Lancaster
PT, DPT Class of 2019
Utica College

What Is Covered In This Webinar

Student Loan Repayment

Understand pay off strategies, loan forgiveness strategies, and student loan refinancing specifically how these plans affect PTs.

Which Strategy To Choose?

Doing a residency? Starting your own clinic? Learn how to decide what is student loan strategy is best for you.

The Big Picture

Want to buy a house? Getting Married? Learn how to build a complete financial plan that incorporates your student loans plus your other financial goals. 

FitBUX Finance Webinar Hose Joseph Reinke CFA
Your Host Is An Expert... Plus He's Married To A PT

Joseph Reinke, CFA, is the Founder of FitBUX.  He's an expert in finance and launched FitBUX to first and foremost help PTs...

Why? Because his wife is a PT.  Joseph has hosted webinars for over 200 doctorate programs and has taught over 10,000 Physical Therapists how to make money compliment their lives instead of dictate it.

He now an adjunct professor at 12 DPT programs.  

FitBUX Logo
About FitBUX

FitBUX was founded in 2015 and built specifically for Physical Therapists.    

Physical therapist manage over $2.6 billion in debt and assets using FitBUX's one of a kind technology and financial platform.  

Join your fellow PTs and get financial peace of mind !