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FitBUX saves you $1,000s by tracking your prepayments, maximizing your money, and maintaining discipline.

Keep Your Lender Honest

Lenders are hard to work with and often times apply prepayments incorrectly. FitBUX watches them and helps you anytime.

The Always Changing Landscape

Interest rates, taxes, and government policies change. We inform you what changes to make when these events unfold.

Peace of Mind With A Trusted Partner

Paydown Solution

  • FitBUX tracks your prepayments ensuring you maximize your savings.
  • FitBUX keeps an eye on your lender making sure they apply your payments correctly.
  • Receive updates on how to maximize your strategy throughout your repayment journey.
  • Priority access to your FitBUX Coach anytime you have a question.


Loan Forgiveness Solution

  • FitBUX tracks your savings account ensuring you are on pace to meet your tax liability.
  • Receive updates on new policies that affect loan forgiveness and how they apply to you.
  • Maximize your strategy by investing your savings. FitBUX will invest the money for you!
  • Priority access to your FitBUX Coach anytime you have a question.



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