Unlock Your Potential With FitBUX's Financial Wellness Curriculum

Our financial wellness curriculum used to only be available to universities. Now you can sign up for it as well! 

$2,000 Off Regular Price 

Benefits Of The FitBUX Financial Wellness Curriculum

Empowerment + Stress Reduction
Real-Life Applications

Reaching "Financial Peace of Mind" includes both how we think about money and how we actually manage it.  

Our curriculum teaches you both. Therefore, you can rest easy at night knowing you have the proper mindset as well as the perfect system in place for ultimate peace of mind!

Our curriculum is designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge so you can navigate the complexities of personal finance in today's world with confidence.

What Is Included

Lifetime Access To Easy-to-Understand Actionable Content

The FitBUX Curriculum includes lifetime access to over 5 hours of content. Once you enroll, it's yours to keep for ever. Plus, we will add content on a regular basis to keep the course current, at no extra charge.

You will learn how to develop and implement a holistic financial plan which will help you:

  • Customize a student loan repayment strategy
  • Prioritize financial goals
  • Budget correctly
  • Invest smartly
  • Save for a home
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Discover the impact of tangible and intangible financial freedom
Online And Self-paced

The curriculum is 100% online and modular.  Therefore, you can go through the content as often as you'd like, at your own pace.

The FitBUX Curriculum also includes online quizzes to make it easy to track your progress.

$540 For A Limited Time ($2,000 Off Regular Price!)

Curriculum Samples

Module 1: The Financial Building Blocks

Module 2: Day-to-day Money

Module 3: Money For Future Self

Module 4: Risk Management

(Bonus) Module 5: In School Money Management

$540 For A Limited Time ($2,000 Off Regular Price!)

Students Love it!

Thanks to Joe and the team at FitBUX for getting this information to all of us. Bottom line, this is the best investment you'll ever make!

Will Boyd

DPT, Chatham University

$540 For A Limited Time ($2,000 Off Regular Price!)

Your Teacher Has Years of Experience

Joseph Reinke, CFA

The curriculum was created by Joe Reinke, CFA and founder of FitBUX. Joe is a financial expert who has taught this curriculum as an adjunct professor at over 15 universities.

After many years working in financial services, Joe created FitBUX, and this curriculum, after witnessing friends struggle with their finances post-graduation. 

To date, thousands of young professionals have leveraged Joe's teachings and FitBUX's technology to transform their lives.

$540 For A Limited Time ($2,000 Off Regular Price!)