Our Method Makes Money Easy To Conquer

Understand. Plan. Implement.

Our Method Is Designed To Make Life Easy


Student loan refinancing? pay off strategy? student loan forgiveness?…Even those with some knowledge about money have a difficult time figuring it all out.

Having a basic understanding is the starting point to developing a student loan repayment plan. FitBUX provides you with the knowledge you need.


Become a Member of FitBUX for free by building your profile, using our innovative tools, and scheduling a free call with your FitBUX Coach.

Together, we'll customize a plan that incorporates your student loans, retirement, career goals, and personal goals.


Once you've created your plan, implementing it and sticking with it is often the most challenging part.

Use FitBUX's Solutions to make implementing your plan easy. Our goal is to make sure you don't have to stress about implementing your plan and can spend life doing what you love most!

Your To-Do List

1- Build Your Profile

2- Schedule A Free Call

3-  Implement Your Plan

Become a Member of FitBUX by building your free profile.

It takes 3 - 5 minutes and provides you as well as your FitBUX Coach with a good understanding of your situation.

Schedule a free call with your FitBUX Coach. We'll craft a student loan repayment plan that fits you!

Use our innovative Solutions to implement your plan. Therefore, you can focus on living your life instead of stressing about student loans.

Life is...whatever you choose it to be!

Understand. Plan. Implement.