Webinar: Learn how to Take Advantage of Roth Investment Accounts The Right Way

Imagine if you could invest with confidence and peace of mind!

This webinar  does exactly that. 

Webinar Date:

February 22nd @ 7pm CST
Length: 30 minutes with Q&A

If you can't make the live webinar, a replay link will be available for 4 days.

Investment Webinar For Young Professionals

"FitBUX has made my investing life so much easier.  I listen to my friends stress about their IRAs and 401Ks and smile knowing that I've listened to FitBUX and don't have to stress.  That is why I've referred all my friends to them as well as this webinar."

Leor Giladi
PT, DPT Class of 2017
University of Michigan

What The Webinar Covers

What & How To Use It

Learn what Roth investment accounts are and how they should fit into your financial plan.

New Roth 401k Rules

There are new rules regarding Roth 401k matches that you need to know about.

Tips & Tricks

Learn how to take advantage of loopholes and leverage Roth accounts in your financial plan.

FitBUX Finance Webinar Hose Joseph Reinke CFA
Your Host Is An Expert

Joseph Reinke, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Founder of FitBUX. He's an expert in finance. Joseph has hosted webinars for over 200 graduate programs throughout the country and has taught over 15,000 Young Professionals how to make money complement their lives instead of dictate it.  

About FitBUX

FitBUX was founded in 2015 and built specifically for Young Professionals.  The Company has over 20,000 Members using their financial management platform.  Those members manage over $2.6 billion in debt and assets on the platform.  

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