A Better Way To Invest

FitBUX is the only company that looks at the entire you. Therefore, your investments are truly customized.

A Better Way To Invest

FitBUX is the only company that looks at the entire you. Therefore, your investments are truly customized.

Steps To Sign Up

Join FitBUX

It takes 3 - 5 minutes to complete your FitBUX profile.  Your profile provides you with a FitBUX Score which gives us a good understanding of your current financial picture.

Schedule A Free Call

Schedule a free call with your FitBUX Coach to discuss your investments.


Rollover your 401k/403b, open an IRA, start an investment account.  It takes less than five minutes to open an account!

Investment Features

We factor in your human capital, current investments, your cash flow, debt, and behavior into our investment advice while others only look at investment capital.

Therefore, others can only help people that have money already... FitBUX can help anyone!

In addition, our investment advisory service is powered by our partner Betterment who is on the leading edge of technology innovation.

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Customized To You

Education, debt, investments... everything factors into our investment advice.

Your FitBUX Score

we use your FitBUX Score to access your ability to take risk. 

Real People

You can talk to your FitBUX Coach whenever you have questions.

Low Cost

On average, investment advisors charge 1.17%.  FitBUX cost you only 0.50%.

Investing The Way It Should Be


The Big Picture

We look at your entire financial profile which includes your human capital and debt.

Real People

Need help?  Maybe you want to talk to someone?  You can do so with FitBUX!

Low Cost

FitBUX's expense is 57% less than the traditional investment advisor.

The Other Companies

Only Look At Small Picture

Only look at the amount you're investing with them.  They ignore everything else!

Can't Speak To Anyone

Robo-advising is inexpensive but you can't speak to anyone if you need help.

High Cost

Traditional advisors will cost you more than double. Plus you have to pay each time you speak to them.

Who Should Use FitBUX's Invest Services

  • You aren't a millionaire
  • You want an easy way to invest
  • You want to speak to a real person
  • You are saving for the tax bomb on an income-driven repayment plan
  • You are a beginner to investing and looking for a place to start
  • You want to invest in individual stocks
  • You want to invest in crypto currency
  • You want to do your own trades


How much does FitBUX investment advising cost?

It cost 0.50% of assets. For example, if you have $10,000 invested with us, it costs $50 per year.  That fee is split between FitBUX and our technology partner, Betterment.  

Other companies on average charge 1.17% per year.  That would cost you $117 per $10,000 you have invested.


Do you use any 3rd party technologies?

Yes, we have partnered with Betterment.  They have outstanding technology that allows us and our clients to easily open accounts, auto rebalance your account, and use tax loss harvesting when appropriate.


What can I invest in?

We design all of our portfolios using cost efficient ETFs.  We will help you choose the right allocation that works for your financial situation.


Why can't I choose individual investments, stocks, and crypto currency?

We believe those that have the ability to do these things should do them.  In fact, we hope all FitBUX Member's one day have the understanding to do them.  If you do have the ability to do these things, then include them in your profile and use our financial planning solution to manage your entire financial picture.

With that said, if you have the ability to do these things, we believe you should never pay anyone to do them for you.  


How does FitBUX compare to a Fidelity or Vanguard?

Vanguard is fantastic. That is why we have a portfolio that consists of only Vanguard ETFs!

The primary difference between FitBUX and going straight to Vanguard or a company like Fidelity, is that our FitBUX Coaches look at your complete financial profile.  Often times, the call center you call at Vanguard and Fidelity are staffed with entry level financial professionals and they don't look at your entire financial picture.

What type of accounts can I open?

Taxable accounts, rollover 401k, rollover 403b, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Inherited IRAs.

We Look Forward To Speaking With You Soon!