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Adding Income, Day-To-Day Expenses, & Risk Management

You add income, day-to-day expenses, and risk management (Insurance premiums) to your financial plan the same way.  Therefore, we summarize how to add, edit, and delete each in this walk through.

Note: The items you put in for your income, expenses, and risk management will save to your profile.  These are the items/numbers you will track when you implement your financial plan.  Also, these are the numbers FitBUX looks at to provide step-by-step guidance and feedback as you implement your plan over time.

Click the appropriate add button. For example, click “Add Day-To-Day Expenses” to add expenses.

FitBUX Financial planning technology adding income, expenses, and insurance premiums

Then select the type of income, expense, or risk management item you’d like to add to your financial plan.

Fitbux financial planning technology selecting income, expenses and insurance premiums

After you add the item and monthly/annual amount, click ‘Done.”

Once you click ‘Done’ the overview will update.

FitBUX's financial planning overview on the plan build

To edit an item, hover over the item with your cursor and select edit.  Change the item, then click ‘Done.’

FitBUX Financial planning technology editing income, expenses and insurance

To delete an item, hover over the item with your cursor and select the garbage can.

FitBUX's Financial planning technology deleting income, expenses and insurance premiums