Income Driven Repayment Plan Solution

  • Maximize your savings
  • Calculate and plan for your tax liability
  • Access to experts

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Save For The Tax
We calculate your tax liability in real time and make sure you're saving enough. 
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Pay your final tax bill and get your loans forgiven. Done!

Maximize Savings On your Income Driven Repayment plan

On an income driven repayment plan, your payment is based as a percentage of your income.

Loan servicers often times make mistakes calculating your monthly payment.  

Therefore, you are charged too much money every month which can cost you thousands.

FitBUX's Income Drive Repayment Solution will let you know if you are being overcharged each month!
income driven repayment plan payment

Preparing for the IDR tax Bomb

Do You Know What Your Tax Will Be?

Good news! Your loans are forgiven.

Bad news! You have to pay taxes on it.

Our Solution estimates your tax bill so you can plan accordingly.

We then recommend a minimum monthly savings amount.

FYI: The tax applies to all income drive repayment plans including the following:
> Revised Pay As You Earn  (REPAYE)
> Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
> Income-Based Repayment (IBR)
Student Loan Forgiveness IDR Tax Estimate
Student Loan Forgiveness Tax Obligation and Savings

Are You Saving Enough Over Time?

FitBUX's Income Drive Repayment Solution keeps an eye out for you. 

Link your student loan account and savings account to FitBUX.

You will receive regular updates and know whether you're saving enough. If you aren't, we will help you get back on track.

Life Changes...How Will This Impact What You Owe?

How much you owe will change when:
> Your income changes
> Your family status changes
> Your tax rate changes
With FitBUX's Income Drive Repayment Solution, you can instantly see how such changes would impact the amount you owe and how you should modify your savings plan.

We bring you peace of mind.

Access To Real Finance Experts

Our FitBUX Coaches are  Chartered Financial Analysts and/or have degrees in financial planning. They work for you, not the government.

If you have questions about our Income Driven Repayment Solution at any time, they are one click away.

In addition, they'll make sure you are maximizing your human capital and increasing your FitBUX Score so that way you can hit your goals.

The income driven repayment solution is part of our larger fitBUX financial planning solution!

Save 82% Using The FitBUX Solution

Traditional financial planners cost $20,000 over ten years! Using the FitBUX Solution instead saves you $16,400!  If you invested the savings over 30 years, that is an extra $109,000 in your pocket!

Easily implement your plan, have a designated FitBUX Coach, & get peace of mind by upgrading!

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