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How To Update Passwords

Every now and again you might want to reset your password for various reasons. Below are steps on how to easily reset your password from your FitBUX Profile. There’s two ways you can reset it. One is if you know your password and simply want a new one and the other is if you forgot it.

1.) If you forget your password, on the login screen, click on “Forgot Password” right below where you input your username/password.

Forgot Password Screen


2.) From here, simply enter your email used on your FitBUX Profile and you will get a password reset link sent to your email.

Forgot Password Log In


3.) If you do know your password and want to simply change it, log in to your profile and at the bottom left corner of your dashboard, click on “Settings”.

Logged In Password Reset


4.) At the very bottom of this section, you will be able to input your current password and then enter in the new one to change to. Click “Update Password”.

New Password