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How To See Which Accounts Are Linked

If you signed up for our Solution and went through the process of Linking your accounts, you may be curious whether it actually worked or not. The following steps below will show you if your accounts are linked or not. l

1. On the Dashboard, click on “Accounts” on the left side of the screen.

Accounts Screen


2. On the Accounts screen look to the right and under either the asset or debt account (depends on which type of account you linked). In our example, we did a student loan account which is a debt. The symbol that the red arrow is pointing to below means that the account is linked.

Asset or Debt Account


3. You may also need to confirm your linked account. In order to do this, go to your “Alerts” tab (See: How to See Alerts HERE) and you may get a notification asking you to confirm the account.



4. If you click “Confirm”, you’ll now be asked several questions regarding information in that account. If you manually added an account, you may hit “Yes” to “Replacing a Manual Account” and it’ll delete the old with the new linked account, so it doesn’t get counted twice.