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How to Replace an Existing Plan

If you need to replace an already implemented plan then you’re in the right spot.  Maybe you wanted to play around with the tool and pick a different plan.  Or maybe you just don’t like the plan you chose previously. Don’t worry, there is a way to replace an already existing plan.

1.) On your dashboard, go over to where your ‘Projected FitBUX Score’ is and hit the ‘Explore My Plan’ button on the top corner.

replace existing plan 1

2.) You’ll now see the broken down version of your current plan. Scroll to the very bottom of this section and click ‘Edit or Build a New Plan’.

replace existing plan 2

3.) From here, you’ll be able to either build a brand new plan from scratch or if you already created another plan, you may implement that new one here.

replace existing plan 3