How It Works

FitBUX is a new technology which allows you to make better informed and personalized financial decisions.  The technology reduces the amount of time you spend managing your finances so you can spend more time doing what really matters to you. 


FitBUX's technology creates a holistic picture of an individual's finances by capturing your past, present, and most importantly, your future.  When you build an online profile with FitBUX, your human capital asset and financial situation is captured in one easy to understand score, the FitBUX Score.

The FitBUX Score, combined with interactive charts and graphs, provide an easy way to compare your options. You can personalize a finance strategy by seeing how your financial choices impact your FitBUX Score.

For this reason, we ask you to build a profile which is more comprehensive relative to other finance companies.  You can use estimates and this process should only take a couple of minutes at the most.


Your FitBUX Score takes into account additional factors such as your accomplishments, education, current financial picture and most importantly, your future.  This is especially important for young and responsible individuals who may not have a lengthy credit history.

Traditional credit scores primarily reflect past payment behaviors. In addition, traditional credit scores ignore human capital, your income, and profession.  In short, it provides a retrospective and incomplete financial picture.

The FitBUX Score allows you to easily understand how your financial decisions interact with each other and reduce the time needed to develop and implement your financial strategy.


Human capital is the development of skills and education which separate us from our peers.  It provides insight to our future incomes as well as the risk to that income.  Overtime, we realize our human capital asset in the form of income and wages.  Then we must decide what is the most efficient way to use that income to build assets and/or pay down debt. 

Human capital is essential to financial planning especially for younger individuals because human capital is your largest asset.  The FitBUX Score is the only technology that incorporates your human capital.  Therefore, it is the only way to visualize your complete financial profile.

-FitBUX Human Capital Asset


FitBUX's technology puts student loans and their impact on your future into perspective.  The technology provides perspective students, current students, and new professionals a smarter way to make financial decisions.

New professionals, who have graduated in the past five years, can use the technology to evaluate if you should pay down your loans, extend your loans, refinance your loans, or use a Federal income driven repayment plan.  If refinancing is the route you would like to pursue, then you can choose to do so with one of our lending partners.

Perspective and current students can see how different levels of debt will affect your finances such as retirement, opening a business, saving for a house, etc.  You can then determine which type of repayment strategy to pursue post-graduation and begin implementing that strategy today.  Perspective students can also use FitBUX to assist in deciding which program to attend for graduate level education.


If you want to further customize your student loan repayment strategy, want more guidance, need help refinancing, or want a third party to help you with your student loan servicer, you can schedule a time to talk with an expert, your FitBUX Coach.

You can also email your FitBUX Coach anytime.  Having a FitBUX Coach ensures you are able to review your situation with the same person anytime you need assistance.


Regardless of what strategy you choose, you can track your progress by logging into your FitBUX account.  You can also choose to have your FitBUX Coach monitor your account to make sure both you and your loan servicer are implementing your strategy correctly.

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