Learn How To Make The Right Home Ownership Decision

Imagine if you could easily decide if you should buy a house, what price you should pay for it, and save a ton of money.

This webinar will teach you how!

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FitBUX literally changed my life-I hate that line in reviews but it’s so true.

I grew up in a low-income, financially illiterate family. I had little to no guidance or resources. As I was looking at my debt accruing while I was in school, I never thought I would get out of it. Now, I don’t worry about my student loans. I understand them and I have a plan in place.

I never thought I'd be buying a house but here I am. Ready to go thanks to FitBUX and this webinar!

Serenity Serafini
PT, DPT Class of 2019

What The Webinar Covers

How To Save A Ton Of Money

Learn about something that is often ignored by lenders and real estate agents but can save you thousands!  Mortgage points.  You'll learn what they are, how to calculate your savings, and if you should use them or not.

How Much Home Can You Afford

Mortgage lenders will tell you how much house you qualify for.  In this webinar, you'll learn how much you can actually afford!

Should You Rent Or Buy

You'll learn what factors you should look at to answer this question both from a quantitative stand point and a qualitative standpoint.

FitBUX Finance Webinar Hose Joseph Reinke CFA
Your Host Is An Expert

Joseph Reinke, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Founder of FitBUX. He's an expert in finance. Joseph has hosted this webinar for over 200 graduate programs throughout the country and has taught over 15,000 Young Professionals how to make money complement their lives instead of dictate it.  

When it comes to mortgages & home ownership, Joseph saw first hand the destruction bad decisions can make on your finances.  He was working in the mortgage industry in 2007 as everything was crashing!

About FitBUX

FitBUX was founded in 2015 and built specifically for Young Professionals.  The Company has over 11,000 Members using their financial management platform.  Those members manage over $1.6 billion in debt and assets on the platform.  

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