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What is the FitBUX Score?

It's GPS for your money.  If helps you understand where you are at today, plan and compare routes to get to your financial destination, and then guides you along your selected route.

The FitBUX Score is a number between 0 and 1,000. It summarizes your current financial health in an easy to understand number. Your FitBUX Score, based on our proprietary algorithm, uses factors such as personal achievements, past and current earnings, as well as earnings potential. It takes an individual’s past, present, and future into account. We consider the ENTIRE YOU.


Is the FitBUX Score a credit score?

No, it is much more than a credit score.

Traditional credit scores mostly assess an individual’s history to make decisions which will impact this individual’s future, sometimes for many many years: have you paid your bills on time over the last n years? What is your average credit card balance? This means decisions are made looking in the rearview mirror only.

With the FitBUX Score, we’re incorporating not just historical data but also information about your education, profession, and other Human Capital variables to forecast your overall potential and what it means for your financial health today and in the future.

The FitBUX Score helps individuals make critical decisions looking at the past, present, and future. That’s a big deal.

How is my FitBUX Score updated over time?

You will be able to track your FitBUX Score in two different ways:

  • Automatically: When you purchase our Solution, you will be able to link your financial accounts to your platform quickly and securely. Once your accounts are linked, you FitBUX Score will update automatically.
  • Manually: Alternatively, each time you update your FitBUX profile manually, we will recalculate your FitBUX score accordingly.

You will then be able to monitor your FitBUX Score over time on your Dashboard and see how you compare to others.

What is Human Capital and why is it important?

Human Capital is defined as “the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employers, or their community”.

Human Capital is a very valuable asset when considering one’s overall financial picture. However, it’s largely ignored financial by institutions. By taking into account one’s Human Capital, we’ve created the first truly complete financial profile, The FitBUX Financial Profile, summarized by the FitBUX Score.


The Longer You Wait...The More Your Lender Benefits!

Understand. Plan. Implement.

The Longer You Wait...The More Your Lender Benefits!

Understand. Plan. Implement.