The Knowbodies Podcast w. FitBUX CEO Joseph Reinke

December 14, 2016

FitBUX CEO and Founder Joseph Reinke, CFA joins the Knowbodies in a unique podcast.  During the podcast they walk through a real case study illustrating how FitBUX makes developing a repayment strategy easy to understand and implement.  They also spend time discussing

  • – The development and back story of Fitbux and why Joe ventured into helping PT students
  • – What makes the PT so unique when dealing with student loans?
  • – What is “human capital” and why is it so important when determining the best repayment strategies
  • – What technology is being used to develop the best service for students planning for their future
  • – What are the important numbers and loan information you will need to get your strategy progress in motion
  • – A special case study with real numbers in a true scenario for a recent PT grad
  • – The step by step process of reaching a decision based on what is important to your specific needs
  • – How to target which loans to repay first
  • – Establishing federal versus private repayment plans
  • – Income driven repayment versus extended loans
  • – When to switch from one repayment option to another or how to refinance your current strategy, especially during life events such as weddings, children, moving etc.
  • – What impact will student loan repayment have on starting a business
  • – Is there an ideal method to plan for retirement or savings when facing significant student loan debt
  • – How to be less stressed and in more control of your debt by implementing a Fitbux strategy

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