Knowbodies Budgeting Podcast w. FitBUX CEO Joseph Reinke

November 20, 2019

FitBUX CEO and Founder Joseph Reinke, CFA joins the Knowbodies in a unique podcast about budgeting (click here to go to the podcast).


In this episode the Knowbodies host a relaxed and insightful episode with special guest Joe Reinke, CFA. Joe, the creator of, shares some incredibly important tips on how to tackle a budget. As so many young (and more experienced…) professionals learn the value of a dollar and plan for the big and small things in life, the frugal details of what makes financial sense can sometimes get lost or overlooked. We hope all our listeners find financial freedom. Adopting a healthy budgeting mindset can help pave that journey, and that’s exactly what Joe emphasizes in this episode. To learn more about Joe, his tremendously useful and EASY website, and to view the show notes, simply keep on reading below. Enjoy!

Show Notes

– Defining a budget and why we care

– The importance of mindset and behavior change to leverage time and money

– Quick tip to make a wedding cheaper

– Budget Formula 1: Income – expense = Discretionary income

– Budget Formula 2: Assets – debt = net worth. Take discretionary income and increase assists or decrease debt

– Defining the MODIFIABLE factors: assets; discretionary income; human capital

– The value of TIME is the MOST important budget component

– Improving income is limitless, cutting expenses is limited

– How to find out how much your time is worth

– Leveraging human capital to optimize time

– Book shout out to Benjamin Graham “Intelligent Investor”

– Good habits make good health, a good mindset makes good money

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