​​​​Physical Therapy Business Solutions

The following list includes physical therapist who are entrepreneurs and have created companies that provide physical therapy business solutions.  Are you a physical therapist and have a business? Let us know and we will add you to the list below. We always try to promote entrepreneurs in the industry.

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EMR for Physical Therapist

Need a better way to run your practice?  Clinic owners tell us WebPT is the ultimate EMR for physical therapist.

WebPT gives every rehab therapy business—from single-therapist clinics to multi-location enterprises—the tools necessary to maximize performance, revenue, and patient outcomes.

Physical Therapy Tables by Cardon

Rumor has it, Cardon has the best tables and equipment in the industry.

UPDOC-MEDIA-Physical Therapy Blogs and Podcasts

UpDoc Meida is a media development and digital marketing company — specializing in physical therapy and healthcare services.  Their mission to serve as a success accelerator for businesses, professionals, students, and partners through the unfair competitive advantage of bringing content you need to know, delivered with clinical precision.

Physical Therapy Builder Physical Therapy Blogs and Podcasts

Greg Todd has coached, consulted and mentored literally hundreds of business owners, individual clinicians and students.

Physical Therapist Earn More Money

Our parent company, FitBUX, is often asked what is one of the best ways to pay down debt the quickest, save money for retirement, or save for a down payment on a house. The easiest way?  Make more money.  Well, Inc. helps PTs do just that on their free time.  Work anytime and see patients on your own schedule to earn more money (Note: Currently, Well is only available in Southern California but is taking indications of interest from PTs in other locations).

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