Physical Therapist Interviews

The following are interviews with physical therapist.  If you would like to post an interview or share your insight with the community by being interviewed click here.

Cost Of Living & Your Student Loans

By Joseph Reinke, CFA CEO of FitBUX We all want to repay our student loans faster or save for the ...
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Physical therapist salary by state

Physical Therapist Salary By State

We recently posted our data regarding physical therapist salaries and we received numerous request to release data on physical therapist salary ...
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physical therapist salary and student loan data

Physical Therapist Salary And Student Loan Data

As promised, we are providing updated data from FitBUX on the physical therapy industry. The data includes physical therapist salary ...
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7 interview tips for physical therapists

7 Interview Tips For Physical Therapists

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX This article covers 7 interview tips for physical therapist which can be leveraged during the ...
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Emergency Fund

The Safety Net You Need to Build Before PT School Graduation

By Dr. R. Brandon Smith PT, DPT, MPH Let’s say you’re in your last semester of PT school, congratulations, you’re ...
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Physical Therapy Business Tips -Video-

PT Business Tips You Won’t Learn in School

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX As you know, FitPT's motto is "For PTs, by PTs". With this in ...
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physical therapy student loan plan

The First Step In Your Physical Therapy Student Loan Plan

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX Trying to figure out which of the nine Federal student loan repayment options ...
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The right physical therapy school

3 Reasons Attending The Right Physical Therapy School is Crucial

Guest Article By Chris Foerster. Chris has no affiliation to FitPT or FitBUX. Are you planning on becoming a successful ...
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Habit Hacked Podcast Physical Therapy Blogs and Podcast

Habit Hacking Financial Mindset

In this episode Alex interviews Will Butler and CEO of FitBUX Joseph Reinke about their entrepreneurial ventures and how they ...
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Fairytale physical therapy

Interview With Fairytale Physical Therapy Founders

We at FitBUX are constantly amazed by the creativeness and "outside-the-box" thinking that we see on a daily basis from ...
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Student Physical Therapist NPTE Credit Card Debt

All Student Physical Therapists Should Be Aware Of This

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX, Inc. Student loans are a hot topic in many student physical therapist ("SPTs") ...
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Heidi Jannenga WebPT Physical Therapy

Interview With WebPT Co-Founder Heidi Jannenga

We are very thankful to Heidi Jannenga, Co-founder of WebPT, to make the time for this interview.  She provides great ...
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Greg Todd Physical Therapy Builder

Human Capital Conversation With Greg Todd & Joseph Reinke

Joseph Reinke, CEO of FitBUX, joins the legendary Greg Todd from Physical Therapy Builder.  In this podcast Greg and Joe ...
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The Knowbodies PT Podcast & Blog

The Knowbodies Budgeting Podcast w. FitBUX CEO Joseph Reinke

FitBUX CEO and Founder Joseph Reinke, CFA joins the Knowbodies in a unique podcast about budgeting (click here to go ...
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California Outreach Challenge Physical Therapist

Interview With Matt Downey About The California Outreach Challenge

The following is an interview with Matt Downey and the California Outreach Program.  Matt is a SPT at Long Beach ...
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How to pay for physical therapy school

How To Pay For PT School

Our parent company, FitBUX, often gets asked about ways to pay for physical therapy school.  Rush Hendricks of Rush PT ...
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Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast

Interview With Pelvic Health Specialist: Sandy Hilton

Today we are interviewing Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT, MS. Sandy is the co-host of the Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast.  ...
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The Knowbodies PT Podcast & Blog

The Knowbodies Podcast w. FitBUX CEO Joseph Reinke

FitBUX CEO and Founder Joseph Reinke, CFA joins the Knowbodies in a unique podcast.  During the podcast they walk through ...
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Michelle Wynne Student CSULB DPT Program APTASA BoD

Interview With CSULB SPT & APTASA BoD Secretary

This interview is part of FitPTs interview series.  A big "Thank You!" to Michelle Wynne, SPT for taking the time ...
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Healthy-Wealthy-Smart-Podcast Physical Therapy blogs and Podcasts

Healthy, Wealthy, Smart Podcast with FitBUX Founder

FitBUX founder and CEO, Joseph Reinke, joins Karen Litzy on her Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart Podcast to discuss: - Why ...
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