Interview With Pelvic Health Specialist: Sandy Hilton

December 16, 2016 Joseph Reinke No comments exist

Today we are interviewing Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT, MS. Sandy is the co-host of the Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast.  She is an international instructor, speaker, and has contributed blogposts for many of the top PT related websites in the world including and Body In Mind.  Subjects she covers include pelvic pain, resilience, and conference proceedings.  In addition, Sandy is a co-owner in a private physical therapy practice and is the Director of Programming for the Section on Women's Health of the APTA.

FitPT: You started in neurological and orthopedic physical therapy, what made you interested in pelvic health and pelvic PT?
Sandy: This is a great question.  I was working in outpatient ortho with guys who were having problems with pain during sex and it was due to mechanical back pain. It turns out that's pretty easy to help. I asked the doc why he wasn't sending me any women with problems having non-painful sex and that opened up an entire field!

FitPT: For someone (anyone really - PT, SPT, PTA, doctor or consumer) who doesn’t know anything about pelvic PT, how would you described what pelvic PT is and why it’s important for someone with pelvic dysfunction to seek the help of a PT who specializes in it?

Sandy: It is never normal to hurt during sex or leak (bowel or bladder).  Pelvic health specialists can help 85% of people with problems get 100% better.

FITPT: I’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of the pelvic floor in runners at CSM and other PT conferences and I am interested in incorporating more of these concepts with my athletic population.  What courses would you recommend, either online or in person (anywhere in the country) to start learning more and why these specific ones?

Sandy: Julie Wiebe, Antony Lo, and Peter O'Sullivan. These are the best in the field.  Neither you nor your patients have the time for less than the best!

FiTPT: I’m also interested in pregnancy related courses. Are there any courses you recommend that don’t require internal work or are there any courses that don’t require you being a patient during the lab portion i.e. uses a professional patient?

Sandy: Julie Wiebe or you can also call us at Entropy Physiotherapy and we will design a custom course for you!

FiTPT: What recommendations or advice would you give a male PT who is considering learning more about pelvic health/PT and/or pursuing a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist designation?

Sandy: Go to the courses.  Boys have pelvic floors too and many men need guys to understand things/relate to them.  If a male PT just wants to see men, he can come to the entry level men's health that Sarah Haag and I teach.  No vagina experience is necessary!

Men have every right to this field.  I fully support them in pursuing further education!


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