Posture Shirts – Why I Like Them

October 15, 2015 admin 1 comment

This article was written by Cindy Hon, FAAOMPT for her ptfitlife blog.  To view the original article click here.

Here’s my opinion:

The concept of the posture shirt is similar to taping.  PTs would tape someone with poor posture (especially poor scapula posture) in the same pattern as the shirt.  However, because tape over time can break down the skin, or someone may be allergic to adhesive, the posture shirts are a good alternative.  The specific posture shirt that I tried can be found by clicking here.

I like the posture shirts for myself for a couple of reasons:

1: When I start training (weight lifting) again, it helps me with my posture and cuing myself to prevent injury to my shoulders and low back.  What am I training for?  Nothing in particular, but when I stop working out for whatever reason (this break is because of not having time between all the Fellowship program and work, and traveling) wearing the shirt allows me to focus on overall form and endurance  of my postural and stability muscles first.   It also has compression which for others might be beneficial, not so much for myself.

2: It helps me with my posture when I’m not at the gym to engage my core (abs, scap retractors and depressors, thoracolumbar paraspinals) which helps my cervical posture.  I tend to hold my stress in my upper traps and shrug my shoulders.  The shirt is a firm reminder of when I do that.

3: The shirt is still moveable, which means I can go through my normal movement patterns but, again, it’s a gentle reminder to avoid slouching and forward shoulders when I’m in a static position (i.e. sitting).

4: I can put the shirt on myself.  I can’t tape my back and scap myself.

I wore my shirt for the entire morning – so far about 4 hours, and I can already feel my right lower traps fatigued from positioning my scapula, and my transverse abdominals engaged as I sit here typing.  It’s a bit of a workout for someone – (ahem me) – who hasn’t been lifting any weights.

Have you tried posture shirts before, and do you have a particular brand you like?

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  1. Been there with the intelliskin brand. I saw it at CSM and thought “what a joke, I’m going to go politely heckle” and disprove the concept. I tried a shirt on OVER TOP my own polo and after a 10 minute conversation, took the shirt off. My scapular retractors were tired… and I was ashamed of my poor endurance and proceeded to buy a shirt when I got home.

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