Human Capital – What?!?

November 29, 2015 Cindy Hon, FAAOMPT No comments exist

Exactly… What is human capital?  What does that even mean?  And why are we even talking about a finance term on a PT website?  If you’re anything like I use to be before I met my financial-minded husband, you wouldn’t even think twice about reading the rest of this blog, but trust me – it will be eye opening!

Human capital is essentially you and what you bring to the table that differentiates YOU from all the other PT’s in this world.  It’s what makes you competitive in this busy market to employers and patients alike.

  • Read this from our parent website, FitBUX to learn more about what human capital is.
  • If you’re a new grad, or a recent grad, read this also to understand the some of the qualities employers are looking for in terms of human capital.
  • Continue on with this to learn the significance of always continuing to develop your human capital even after your PT career is thriving.

Human capital applies to those looking to apply to PT school too!  Don’t miss an opportunity to “market” yourself – your human capital!

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