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Student Loans Should Complement Life

Your education is an investment. From student loan forgiveness to student loan refinancing, FitBUX helps you maximize your investment by customizing your student loan repayment plan based on your life goals. Your repayment plan should complement your life instead of dictating it.

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It's About The Big Picture

To know where you're going tomorrow, you need to know where you're at today. Easily understand your current financial situation with your FitBUX Score and financial snapshot. They empower you to see the impact of different student loan strategies on your budget, retirement, and more.

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Finally, an easy way to compare paying down your loans, loan forgiveness, and refinancing. Visualize the advantages, disadvantages, and risk of each strategy on your financial future and choose the right path for you.

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Help Along Your Path

FitBUX saves you thousands by tracking your prepayments, helping you maximize your money, and maintain discipline.

Keep Your Lender Honest

Lenders can be difficult to work with and often times apply payments incorrectly. FitBUX watches them to help you save.

Changing Landscape

Interest rates, taxes, government policies, and your life change. As these events unfold, we’ll inform you how to stay on the right financial path.

Refinance With Our Partners

FitBUX works for you, not the lender. We give you unbiased answers to help you determine if refinancing is right for you. If you decide to refinance your student loans, FitBUX has partnered with a number of lenders to save you money.

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