FitBUX's Financial Planning Software For Individuals

Our one-of-a-kind software gives young professionals the ability to build, simulate, and implement a financial plan in less than 15 minutes!

It's Like GPS For Your Money

GPS makes driving to your desired destination easy.  

Our new financial planning software does the same thing... but for you money!

Your Starting Point

When you are about to drive, GPS calculates data such as driving speed, traffic, etc...

Our financial planning software does the same thing... but for your money.  We incorporate your current finances, accomplishments such as education, goals, and future life events.  We do the math so you don't have to.  

View Your Financial Routes

With GPS, you enter your destination then are shown numerous optimized routes.

FitBUX makes this easy to do for your money.  Build your own plan or use our optimization technology to build one for you.

Simulate plans with detailed feedback that includes items such as student loan repayments, investing, home buying, etc...

Now you can see if your financial plan is going to work instantly instead of waiting till your 60 to see if its going to work or not!

Step-By-Step Guidance

"Left turn in one mile..." GPS helps you get to your destination.

Similarly, FitBUX helps you get to your financial destination.

  • Track all your finances, from budgeting to repayment, right on FitBUX
  • FitBUX continuously monitors your financial plan for optimization opportunities
  • Make quick adjustments to your plan as your life changes

Getting Started Is Easy

Become A Member

Your profile takes 5 minutes to build, gives you access to our tools, and helps us build a plan for you.

Build Your Plan

Get started on your own or set up a call with your FitBUX Coach who will help you build your plan and answer your questions.

Implement Your Plan

FitBUX continuously monitors your plan as your life changes. Plus, FitBUX helps you get the right financial products such as student loans, investments, and mortgages.

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