How To Make Money Complement Your Life, Not Dictate It.

Make sure you don't make the same mistake as everyone else, i.e. end up 45 - 55 years old and realize you are stuck in the rat race.

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Thursday December 16th @ 7pm CST
Length: 1 Hour

FitBUX Finance Webinar Quote

"I felt helpless thinking about student loans, retirement, and saving for a house before I attended this webinar.

Now I'm in control of my financial life, confident, and financially stress-free.  I highly recommend attending this webinar.  Its definitely worth the time, it will save you thousands in the long run, and it will allow you to sleep better at night."

Alexis Lancaster
PT, DPT Class of 2019
Utica College

What The Webinar Covers

Student Loan Repayment

Pay off strategies, loan forgiveness strategies, student loan refinancing... We cover it all.

Which Strategy To Choose?

You'll learn how to choose plan that is right for you and how to implement it correctly.

The Big Picture

Learn how to build a complete financial plan that incorporates your student loans plus your other financial goals. 

FitBUX Finance Webinar Hose Joseph Reinke CFA
Your Host Is An Expert

Joseph Reinke, CFA is the Founder of FitBUX.  He's an expert in finance.  Joseph has hosted this webinar for over 200 graduate programs through out the country and has taught over 10,000 Young Professionals how to make money compliment their lives instead of dictate it.  

About FitBUX

FitBUX was founded in 2015 and built specifically for Young Professionals (0 - 10 years since graduating).  The Company has over 11,000 Members using their financial management platform.  Those members manage over $1.6 billion in debt and assets on the platform.  

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